Orange Wedding Invitation STD is Finished!

Wedding Invitation
STD is Finished!

My friend finished our Save The Dates and we're ordering them tonight. I'm so excited to send these out to people.

I also got the contract for my Hair and Makeup person, so I'll be booking her within the week. My trial went amazing (see pictures in post below). Things are going along quite swimmingly.

I love when things work out.
sarahdarling's Black wedding
 |  Toronto, ON, Canada  |  10/21/2009  | 
so cute!!! your friend did a phenomenal job!
's  wedding
 |  Minneapolis, MN, USA  |  10/21/2009  | 
Your friend did an awesome job. How unqiue! They're very cool!
's  wedding
 |  Minneapolis, MN, USA  |  10/22/2009  | 
Love it?  Where did you put your wedding date details?  On the back??
's  wedding
 |  Minneapolis, MN, USA  |  10/22/2009  | 
Oops, and love it!  Not questioning if I love it or not.  Yeah, I still need my coffee this morning...
berlies's Orange wedding
 |  San francisco, CA, USA  |  10/22/2009  | 
Yeah - we're getting them printed on post cards, so we'll have all the info and a link to our website on the back.
jodilee123's Green wedding
 |  Saskatoon, SK, Canada  |  11/11/2009  | 
What an extremely cool STD!! Kudoos to your designer. And for that matter, kudoos to your FH for being so cute in asking!:)
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