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Candy table

when i found this pic online I fell in love with this idea. hopefully I can make ours look just as cute. Hunting down the funky table cloth will be a task I am sure.
's  wedding
 |  Columbus, OH, USA  |  10/10/2008  | 
If you are looking for this exact fabric, its by Michael Miller and its called Sorbet Dots.  I'm using the same fabric for my candy bar too!

jackeepatko's Green wedding
 |  Georgetown, ON, Canada  |  10/11/2008  | 
go to your local fabric store for funky fabrics
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Our menus- for Europe Reception from Rhonda @ Partyshakers.com
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THESE! THANK YOU RHONDA!!!!! These are the menus that we will used for our ...
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