May 5, 2009

Hey ladies,
I found some more games that sound like they might be fun for anyone planning a Buck ‘N Doe or Stag ‘N Doe.
So I hope this helps some of you ladies. Let me know if you have any game ideas!!!!
Hope all is well

Worm Insurance As invitees to the stag and doe are checking in at the front table you will display a container with glistening live fresh worms.(OK this is absolutely gross but it will provide amusement for the evening and an opportunity to generate extra cash) Everyone arriving will be offered the opportunity to purchase worm insurance for only $1.00. If they do then you give them a ticket that "states worm insurance. If you are asked by one of the hosts to display your worm insurance you provide this certificate of documentation then you will not be required to consume a worm. There will be the odd person that may opt out of purchasing this policy for the very reason of wanting to consume a worm in front of everyone. This is only recommended if you know your guests can stomach this concept.

Take a piece of Bristol board and draw 50 squares on it and number them. Have people buy a square for $2.00 and write their name (first and last) on the square. Have 50 small pieces of paper already cut and ready, and then put them into a hat. When all of the squares are filled up, ask the DJ to pull a number from the hat. Whichever number is pulled... the person who's name is on the corresponding number on the board wins a prize. We often use a $25.00 gift certificate from the LCBO or local liquor store.

Buy a Key-there was a box w/ a lock on it - you bought a key and if your key opened the box you got the prize in it – (I’m thinking Canada’s wonderland tickets)

"save the bride" or "save the groom"
People donate to save either the bride or the groom. Whoever raises the most money gets to put a pie in the losers face.

Free SHOT get a shot glass and place it in a fish bowl filled with water, and put it near the bar. When people go up they can drop in a loonie and the ones who get one in the shot glass wins a free shot

Joker's Wild - Take a deck of cards (or two if you are expecting a large crowd) and tape them face down hiding the jokers as well. The purchaser then writes his/her name on the backside to the card. The winner is the person who's name appears on the back of the Joker.

Scratch Card Board - Tape 10 popular scratch cards on a large piece of construction paper. Sell tickets to win the entire board.

50-50 and other draws - Using numbered tickets, helpers sell tickets to win cash or prizes. Generally pricing is one ticket for $!, three tickets for $2 or an arms length for $5.

Loonie and/or Toonie toss - Place a bottle or alcohol on the floor a mark a line a good twenty feet away. The DJ will have people throw toonies or loonies at the bottle and the closest wins. For
a challenge, make it the closest without hitting the bottle. Keep it going as long as possible. This
can make a lot of moolaa.

The Great Canadian Whack Off-. Need a tree stump, and a small little hammer and a whole pack of long nails. You keep a board with people’s names and how many times they 'whacked' the nail to get it in. $2 or $3 a whack. =)

To Sing or Not to Sing:
Place bowls or jars on the drink counter. One jar will be labeled to sing and the other Not to Sing. The object for your guests is to fill the jar with change to a certain line. If the line is passed with the to sing then the Groom or Bride will have to sing. You can also substitute the singing with some other embarrassing event.

Some other ideas:
Pay to Sing (karaoke required), Gold fish races,

Prize Ideas:

Surround sound
Timmys gift cards
Restaurant gift cards
Gas Gift Card
Canada's Wonderland tickets (for Canadian Ladies)
Dvd player or Blue Ray
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's  wedding
Barrie, ON, Canada
Thank you  These are such great ideas and I plan u use them at my friends Buck and Doe
's  wedding
Barrie, ON, Canada
These are great, i know i will be useing some of these for my friends :)
's  wedding
Kitchener, ON, Canada
Thanks so much!  These are all good suggestions for games.  For that key game, I found a company who had a door with a electronic security box built in , and only one code will unlock the door to unveil a prize behind it.  It was only $40 to rent and it was awesome.  My friend used it for their stag and doe a few weeks ago, and made $700 off it!  Check it out people!!
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Kitchener, ON, Canada
We also rented that game (Crack the Code!!)  We also made a ton of money, I think it was even $800.  And you are right, it was $40.  Stag & Doe's are a crazy amount of work, but if you pay $40 and make $800, that just makes sense.
's  wedding
Mississauga, ON, Canada
those of you who have used the Key game/Crack the Code, what was the cost for each guess?

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