Wedding Flowers
Wedding Flowers

What color/type of flowers I need to go with Oasis & Pewter BM Dresses...I was Thinking Yellow or just plain white flowers...
sparklette9713's Black wedding
 |  Oil city, PA, USA  |  01/18/2011  | 
I'm guessing these are like a blue and silver color palette? Yellow flowers would look stunning. As would sticking with the blues and maybe some whites.
Depending on where you're getting your flowers from would kind of determine what kind of flowers to use. :)
bjones2011's Blue wedding
 |  Lafayette, LA, USA  |  01/18/2011  | 

Thanks for the comment...Yes I'm really leaning towards Yellow...
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Hey ladies. So today I received my flowers!!!! I was a little scared because of someone telling m...
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