The wedding is only 60 days days away time has flown. This the gift box I am planing on using as a DIY project,. I plan on painting the pink edges aqua or as close to Tiffany as I can with a black ribbon but I need you all 's help I have tried using an acrylic paint but it peels. Does anyone have any idea what I can paint this with to get the effect I want. I also plan on putting the splint in the top surrounded by rhinestones or in the front give me any suggestions you may have on this blog or email me at
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gift box
My table cloths willbe black with the damask print table runner I am making myself. The glass centerpeice will have the aqua candle with a smaller vse with a flostinf aqua candle both will be surrounded by black flower petals and the table clths will be ivory with an aqua Cd covert label on top with a damask favor and a bling camara also will post a mock piture soon
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table number
table decor3
bling camera
decor 2
metallic_aqua_lagoon for cd
table runner
Any one know how I can copy into the body so i won't have to type the whole thing I tried copy and pastes but it won't allow me to
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Mar 21, 2010

To keep up with my Simple Elegance,Victorian theme I thought this woulde be perfect I would appreciate any suggestion on some earrings. Although notposted yet my dress will have a mock neck and will be lace all over and no sleeves, if that will help with the earrings suggestions.
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Black My Tiara Ordered
Sorry i haven't posted in a while but have been busy working. The entire ladies attire has been ordered. and now we are working on the men. Has also ordered their tiara and earrings.I decided not to order the Wedding party a necklace because the dresses has lace on them. But the hostess will. Oh by the way will post my Attire sometime in June right before the wedding
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Adult hosttes
Black with ivory shash
Matron of honor
Tiffan blue with blk lace
Ivory with black lace
maid of honor
Tiffany blue with black lace
Jr Bride
flowergirl dress #SO4 F359
Teen Hostess
black with ivory shash
BM and Jr BM shoe
Black with ivory bodice and black lace
BM and Jr. BM Tiara
BM and Jr BM earrings
Jr Bride shoe
flower girl shoe
I really don't know wether to be sad or just pissed off . I have been planning this wedding for 15 months now. The first thing I did was pick the outfits out and the cost to everyone. i went as far as to breakdown how much each person needed to save a month which was 17 dollars. Everyone agreed they would pay for there own and the price wasn't bad until now!!!!!!. i even offered to hold the money for them but all agreed they would have it. My last talk to them was the end of December, once again with the price, date, time, and place of the fitting. I went even further and broke it down into payments. You see on the 13th of February we are suppose to go and get measured and order the dresses. I broke it down into payments just in case someone had not saved 100 depost 50 x 3 payments due the last saturday in March, April, May. Now I have to revamp my line I have more males than females. And guest what I work with these 3
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Black Just a Little Sad and Angry Lost 3 Bridesmaides
Hi ladies time is near and i plan on ordering my gown in Febuary but I need to order me a corset or bustier. Someone hadf posted a site for large breast women can get one from for i am a size G(DDDD). Please let me know what site that was so i can order one or if anyone have any suggestions please let me know
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bustier bridal corset
Can any one tell me where can I get about 200-250 of these colored napkins for my reception table.
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tiffany napkins
This is the dress I am using for the Jr Bride. My daughter, that looks like m, is going to be my Jr Bride and this is the dress she likes. Her dress will be all ivory including the lace instead of the cream and black in the picture.
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dress rel
This the way I want my table cloths to be on my cake table. Can any one tell me how to get a round table cloth about 96inches out of cloth that is 45 inches wide. Or how can I achieve this look?
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cake table8