tiffany napkins
tiffany napkins

Tiffany Blue Or Aqua Napkins
Please Helppppppppppppp

Can any one tell me where can I get about 200-250 of these colored napkins for my reception table.
gratefulbride's Blue wedding
 |  Charlotte, NC, USA  |  11/13/2009  | 
I'm ordering some that are personalized (paper napkins) at www.foryourparty.com .  They have tiffany blue.  You may also e able to try Ebay.
blackbeauty334's Black wedding
 |  Montgomery, AL, USA  |  11/13/2009  | 
Thanks gratefulbride I will check them out because I am going to need some paper ones for my cocktail hour in which I plan on doing a tiffany theme with the napkins and sinature drink that is going to be called the Tiffany I wish i knew where to find some Tiffany plastic plates that look real.
gratefulbride's Blue wedding
 |  Charlotte, NC, USA  |  11/13/2009  | 
www.angelchaircover.com has a good deal on tiffany linens that I am thinking about getting napkins from as well for the dinner portion.  Tiffany colored faux china plates?   That sounds gorgeous!  I haven't seen them, but will put the link here if I come across them.  I know that Sams Club sells the faux china (white) plates with the silver rim.  The prices aren't too bad & they look real.
's  wedding
 |  Montgomery, AL, USA  |  11/15/2009  | 
Thans again gratefulbride I will 0check the site out. I was planning on using the square ivory plate for the buffet  from smarty had a party and the reflctions ware as well as there square champayne tall flutes and wine glasses i ordered a sample and they look great but for the wedding party table we will have silver charges and the acrylic regular wine glasses trimmed in aqua and acrylic champayne flute with a tiffany bow around there will be a tiffany bow around the square champayne flutes also what do you think or should i get the same glasses for everyone. email me sometimes cnursej@yahoo.com
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