May 4, 2010

Hello WBC ladies. I bought 10 kissing balls from Michaels (on clearance for 1.99!!!) and I want to dye them purple. Do you think fabric dye would work? I bought to different shades of purple and was going to alternate the colors for each ball. Please let me know... I have 10 shepard hooks and exactly 10 balls so I don't want to mess them up... Thank you!!!

**The fabric dye is the spray kind from Michaels, so I think that might work better than doing it in the sink or washing machine...
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oldiva's Purple wedding
Long beach, CA, USA
Good find! I dont know about the fabric dye but the kissing ball is cute!
kristah's Green wedding
Surrey, BC, Canada
I would run down to the dollar store and buy a white flower to test it on first, but I believe another WBC bride used it on her pomanders and it worked great!
waveschick2's Black wedding
Philadelphia, PA, USA
You should be okay, just try one before you do the whole batch.  You will have to keep it in for a while to get it a deep purple, but a lavendar should be easy!
heathermae's Pink wedding
Waterford, MI, USA
I made all of my pomander balls in white and I am spraying half of them with spray paint. I think that it is actually made specifically for flower spray painting, but it is seeming to work pretty well.
babygirlnaenae's Black wedding
Fontana, CA, USA
I know a girl on here named meme dyed the white petals from the dollar store and it worked great,... the only thing that would scare me is the water loosening the adhesive they used to glue the flowers in... Floral paint would be great  We used it in a friends wedding.  Just like spray paint but it goes on beautiful.. not like you would think.

When did you buy these? Recently?? If so i'm driving to 5 michaels today! lol
mommybride's Purple wedding
Saint louis, MO, USA
I agree with Kristah, try it on a single flower before you dye the kissing balls themselves. Good luck!
futuremrswilson's Black wedding
Pineville, LA, USA
Go here: (She dyed her kissing balls. Im not sure if she dyed the flowers before she put them on her ball or after. Maybe you could email her and ask so you don't mess up yours. She got the fabric dye from Michaels also..) Hers turned out really good.

I also died my white flower petals (like meme) and it turned out perfect. I bought the RIT dye from walmart. I dyed them in a bucket so i had to stir constantly .. lol..
babygirlnaenae's Black wedding
Canonsburg, PA, USA
It looks like ccfortune10 used floral paint... She's the one that got me on the hunt to start doing my pomander balls too! hahah
babygirlnaenae's Black wedding
Canonsburg, PA, USA
Ohhhh i'm retarted... I didn't see on your original post that you put

**The fabric dye is the spray kind from Michaels, so I think that might work better than doing it in the sink or washing machine...

hahahah sorry, yah, same thing :) lol  Disreguard my worrying about the
blazergurl05's Purple wedding
Camas, WA, USA
thanks for all the comments... I really appricate it.  I am going to the dollar store and gonna test it and i'll let everyone know if it worked. =)
's  wedding
Pflugerville, TX, USA
i just found the white balls at michaels and used krylon ivory spray paint and they look great. i had asked the clerk there at hobby lobby and if you read the back of the can it does say can use on fabric

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