Blue The Proposal
Blue The ProposalBlue The Proposal

The Proposal

I think that it is fitting to start at the beginning of this crazy journey....the proposal.

So it is Christmas 2007 and I gave my (then) b/f his Christmas gift and he gave me a post card..ahhhh...but it was really sweet because he wrote a nice poem in it.

As the day went on, we had lunch with the fam (NB. my gran was acting strange, she didn't eat anything and my mom called me a couple times). Then he suggested that we go visit his bro, so we are in the car and he drives towards the beach, I thought maybe his bro was at the beach with his fam. When we got to the beach, he took out a picnic basket from the trunk....aahhhh:).. then I was like he is going to propose....he took me to our rock..(our relationship developed through many beach trips and convos on that rock)... anyhow...

He told me to close my eyes which I couldn't do, lol, When i finally did, he said something something, will you marry me?... I couldn't speak, I just stared at him.

In the basket was wine, that we toasted with.

He had asked my parents for permission and he got the wine glasses from my gran...they all knew about it...

That was my bestest Christmas ever....
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