Jun 22, 2010

Our Love Story

Okay... it's only been a few hours and I already want to post again !!
I guess maybe blogs could be my thing :)

So onto our 'love story'... It all began Apr/May-ish 2007 when I saw THE picture. First, alittle background: once upon a time, Dave and I went to the same high school. He's three years older so, back in the day, he had no idea who I was. I knew of him because he was a football player and all my girlfriends thought he was dreeeeamy. Frankly, I did not because I was more into the guys in bands than the sporty types.

Fast forward 10 years.... I am introduced to Facebook. I start adding friends and reconnecting with a ton of people I haven't seen in years. Then Dave's name and pictures start popping up... of course I recognized the name so I thought I'd check out how he'd aged... and I completely fell in love. I saw THE picture and decided he had to be mine! How could you not fall for those eyeballs?! Fortunately, we had alot of friends in common and I made up some lame excuse to msg him and....

...it totally worked :)
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One of our first dates
Chocolate Engagement Our Love Story
Our first camping trip
Our first Christmas
Chocolate Engagement Our Love Story
Lollapalooza '08 in Chicago
UFC in Las Vegas- a surprise xmas gift for him :)
THE picture
hecallsmehisdarlin's Black wedding
Portsmouth, VA, USA
Welcome to WBC!!!  Glad to have another bride to be with us :)
hannikay's Pink wedding
Melbourne, Andorra la vella, Australia
Hi! Welcome! Wow, he IS dreamy... what a score. ;)
jtherrie's Chocolate wedding
Wasaga beach, ON, Canada
He sure does have dreamy eyes! I have a few pictures of FH and he has the most beautiful green eyes! ahhh melts me everytime I liik at my picture!
ccranetobe's Orange wedding
Melbourne, Andorra la vella, Australia
great story! welcome to WBC! looking forward to your posts!
rainbowdream's Pink wedding
Spokane, WA, USA
Welcome! And yes ur man has beautiful eyes! U2 are a very cute couple!!!!!!!!!!
maripoza's Orange wedding
Burbank, CA, USA
Lovely story : )
Happy things worked out for you both...enjoy  planning with WBC
bananapants's Green wedding
Minneapolis, MN, USA

I love how you express yourself. Can't wait to read more, when you're ready to write some more.
jennyfur's Black wedding
Toronto, ON, Canada
aw what a cute story!  and look where you are today..... :)
jennyfur's Black wedding
Toronto, ON, Canada
and yes he does have beautiful eyes!  lucky girl ;)
acowleysoontobe's Pink wedding
Toronto, ON, Canada
Good work Girlie!!! And your man is super cute :) You both are!!! Keep posting, can't wait to see what little tricks you have up your sleeve :)
jamieleigh12's Chocolate wedding
Madera, CA, USA
Cute story! Dreamy eyes! Love a man with those blue eyes! My FH has blue eyes too! Welcome to WBC!! Sooo excited to see another brown bride getting married in 2011! YAY!!

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