Nike's historical development will be passing through one throughout suitably in future truth at any time: The innovation making performance, the technical

creation is accurate. More than 30 for years, Nike devotes throughout to through creates the innovation product unceasingly, thus raises athlete's athletics

level. Speaking of Nike, the innovation and not only creates the different product, but is must do well the product. Before creating one new product,
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first will carry on the analysis to the extant product, simultaneously understood carefully the product

will serve the movement project's demand, after the goal will be clear, only will then carry on the project work, will complete the innovation finally.

In the entire product creation process, Nike is bringing throughout to the athlete, the movement and initiates the Nike creativity the community and the

cultural respect, is also precisely this kind of respect, leaps unceasingly Nike air force one . Between Nike and the

athlete has natural and the lasting relation throughout, this kind of relation take respect as a core, and can strengthen unceasingly through the innovation.

But when does that this kind of relation is form? Is how to develop? Actually this kind of relation is the athletic shoes which promotes by us establishes,

has Bruin, Blazer, Franchise and Tailwind. But what is most important is Air, describes with the Force language.
In 1982, the cage game arrived in historical the mountain peak time, the promotion product which simultaneously the basketball also achieved a brand-new

altitude to athletic shoes' request, after the basketball has needed to be innovation, visual effect and respect collision, produces. 82 years are only a

beginning: Nike AF1 Shoes was published until now 25 years to manifest Nike fully to the movement and the cultural

deep love, for 25 year Nike brand with between the athlete who deeply loved this brand has shears the shed unceasing

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