May 15, 2010

We have been going to thrift stores, antique malls, and yard sales buying tea pots and cups for the center pieces. Our dilema is that we have not only invested alot of money on these pieces but we have alot of sentimental items that we will be using too. We are not allowing people to take our center pieces with them. ( Our whole patio room is decorated as a "tea room"). How do you go about telling you guest to leave the center pieces alone with out offending anyone? Should I have the DJ announce it or printed at the bottom of the menues?
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Pink Ask a Question Center pieces
Pink Ask a Question Center pieces
's  wedding
Philadelphia, PA, USA
I didn't think that was something that needs to be said...I would never expect to take the centerpiece home unless we were specifically prompted to, especially not the containers and things like that.
katavery's Purple wedding
Auckland, Greenwich, New zealand
you wouldn't think it would be a problem but then again people show up to formal occassions in jeans and tracksuits, and some people think its appropriate to take the flower wreath off of a coffin at a funeral and take it home so you never know!

I once hand made a masquerade mask for a school ball - I spent hours hand attaching hundreds of tiny wire butterflies to my mask - then left it on the table at the ball and some boy spent an hour taking all of them off!

unfortunately I don't think there's a classy way to say anything- I think it could be tacky to say anything about it.  I'm sure it will be fine at a wedding- especially if it's obvious they're a centre arrangement Not a favour.  People take flowers home sometimes but I'm sure noone would take what they're sitting in!  I wouldn't worry about it- they'll be fine.  And if some sentimental pieces did happen to go missing you could always track them down again.

P.S I Love tea cups and pots as decorations!  a little teacup with a tealight candle in it or a carnation flower can be the most charming thing.  

bossywifey's Pink wedding
Cincinnati, OH, USA
Thank you Ladies.  The thought never crossed my mind about people taking center pieces until several people told me that my centerpiece are too expensive because people would be taking them home with them.
wendyb204's Pink wedding
Phoenix, AZ, USA
I too have never heard of anyone taking a centerpiece home.....thats just SUPER UNCLASSY to me.

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