The front view of Shifting Sands
The front view of Shifting Sands
the back view of the building,looks out onto the ocean
The front view of Shifting Sandsthe back view of the building,looks out onto the ocean

The Reception
Shifting Sands @ Dam Neck

We knew that we didn't have a large budget for this wedding,so we looked at nice places that could accomodate around 200 guest and still have a nice interior and good food. We found all of that at the Shifting Sands.
We will be having a cocktail hour as the guest arrive,followed by a stationed buffet. At first I wanted a nice sit down meal, and then decided...lets get real....the night is all about drinks,dancing and talking to people you care about. So I wanted to the dinner to be optional as to when the guest wanted to eat.
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 |  Chesapeake, VA, USA  |  07/13/2008  | 
Can you give me more info on how you booked the shifting sands, I'm considering getting married their next year but couldn't find any info online, do you have to be in the military, are they pretty decent as far as pricing?
any info would be great, thanks!
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Jessie McStay
 |  Sarasota, FL, USA  |  08/28/2008  | 
Hey!  We had a very tight budget for our wedding too.  At first I wanted a big sit down dinner and then I thought about a buffet, but I ended up doing a dessert buffet.  For us it was the cheapest option, I picked all of the desserts, and we had a chocolate fountain to top it off.  We had so much fun dancing and eating dessert all night long!
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 |  Ft. knox, KY, USA  |  09/25/2008  | 
Can you post some more pictures? How was the food? I am planning a BIG wedding and was going to have it at the Cape Henry Inn, but they will be under construction. I cannot find any pics of the interior of this location. My hubby is Active Navy and I am Army reserve so no worries about military requirements we've got that covered. Lots of questions hope you can help!
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 |  Virginia beach, VA, USA  |  05/20/2009  | 
I have been interested in the Shifting Sands for awhile, but can't seem to find the number. Can you post the number, PLEASE!
boycesbride's Blue wedding
 |  Virginia beach, VA, USA  |  05/21/2009  | 
The number to shifting sands is :
ask to speak with Brenda Wells

they did an amazing job for my reception...more than i could have asked for. and the food was great! let me know how it goes. goodluck
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 |  Virginia beach, VA, USA  |  08/17/2009  | 
I am booked!!! Wedding is in the Fire place room, it's beautiful!!! Nov. 14th......88 days away to be exact!!! Thanks for the info.....
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