Feb 25, 2009

23 days away before becoming Mrs. Brannen wow! When I started out I had 263 days until wedding now I'm at 23 days down. I'm getting excited. I ready to start living with my FH and to see him every night.

I miss him so much being apart and not able to see him every night. We live 45 minute away from each other which isn't far but, with him being a deacon and having to attend alot church serves and I do attend some of them myself, we sometime only see each other two or three times a week. I attend a different church which I help with the youth ministries.

And by my FH being a deacon in the church we can't live together until we said I DO. After the day-care closed each day I will be going to my man, my baby, my husband, my friend and my lover.

I can't wait.
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kaylag's Red wedding
Allston, MA, USA
i live 45 mins away from my fh and only get to see him on weekends so i know how it feels. at least you have only 23 days! congratulations! i still have 2 years... :(

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