Nov 29, 2010

Can't figure them out!! Ugh!

Here's a couple pics of my bouquets.. yes we're not doing flowers. The entire wedding has zero flowers so I didn't think it would look right to just have flowers for the bouquets so we used ornaments to go with all the rest of the wedding decor. I want them to look unique & wintery too!

My problem is I don't know what to do on them! It's frustrating me because I can't figure it out. I just feel like they aren't finished! I'd love to add a string of pearl beads on it somehow but no matter how I do it, it just doesn't look right. I wrapped the base but I'm not sure if I like that either. Should I add more feathers? I just don't know, I'm hitting a creative road block!

PLease help!!
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Black Bouquets Can't figure them out!! Ugh!
Black Bouquets Can't figure them out!! Ugh!
Black Bouquets Can't figure them out!! Ugh!
DIY Projects
Nov 25, 2010

Toasting Flutes!

I just got one done so far but I was wondering what you ladies think? Is it too much or missing something? I'm contemplating on putting small silver beads on the ends of the ribbon but not sure yet. I'm going to try that tonight & try to get the other one done too!

Happy Thanksgiving & happy planning! :)
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Black DIY Projects Toasting Flutes!
Black DIY Projects Toasting Flutes!
Black DIY Projects Toasting Flutes!
DIY Cardbox...
Nov 20, 2010


Hey ladies! I got my cardbox finished, I think! I now know why many brides pay someone else to make one for them haha. It was a lot of work & I couldn't go to Michaels & get nice square boxes so mine is made from a shoe box & a shipping box!

I'm going to add a big pretty bow on the top & maybe a couple little snowflakes, is there anything else you would recommend??

I still don't feel like it's finished!

PS> I got the wrapping paper at Target! They have an awesome was so beautiful I almost didn't want to cut it lol.
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Tears of Joy!
Nov 18, 2010

Done & packed!

I finally got all my tears of joys done! Thankfully my sister came up from Texas to help with some wedding stuff & we got a head on a few things. I finished them completely last night!

It feels so great to cross something off my list of to-dos! As you can see I didnt use the melamine envelopes but they turned out really cute & none of my guests will care what kind of envelope I used lol!

I only made 42 of them which should be enough. Most of the older guests will probably want them & not so much the younger ones! Hopefully :)
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Black Tears of Joy! Done & packed!
Black Tears of Joy! Done & packed!
Sep 22, 2010


I changed the ribbon but basically they're the same. This pic was taken before I put the little snowflake decal on it but the final ones do have it on there.

It feels good to get some projects done!
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Black Boutonnieres Finished!!!
Sep 22, 2010

What do you think?

I just finished one.. let me know what you guys think.

These would be for the groomsmen & the groom's will be slightly bigger with more stuff. I wanted the to look wintry & fit out theme so please all the opinons & advice are appreciated!
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Black Boutonnieres... What do you think?
Black Boutonnieres... What do you think?
DIY Wedding
Sep 16, 2010

My Snowflakes!

I painted so much stuff today & feel like I accomplished a lot... really I didn't I have so much more to do!

I painted my snowflakes & now I have to add some glitter & rhinestones & ribbon to hang it from & then they will be complete!
I got them at Michaels for $1.00 each! I only got 7 which will be enough for the head table & they were the perfect size!
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The look I'm going for..
Head Table (2)
Black DIY Wedding My Snowflakes!
Flower Baby Tutu...
Sep 15, 2010

DIY How-to?

Hey ladies... I'm wondering if anyone knows how to make a tutu out of tulle? It's gotta be super easy & way less expensive than ordering one.

My daughter will be 15 months at the wedding & she's our flower baby. I want her to wear a white tank that has her initial on it with bows, a white w/ silver ribbon bow tutu, & a diaper cover (bloomers) that say flower baby with silver bows on it.

What do you guys think? Is it too casual?

& how can I make this??
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Wedding Party
Sep 7, 2010


So I did my newsletter awhile back but I've been reluctant to send it out.

I'm worried that they'll find it offensive or think I'm turning into Bridezilla or something haha. I didn't say anything rude in it at all just put down what their dresses will be, shoes, jewelry, etc. I'm letting them pick out a lot of their own stuff though.

How did your bridesmaids act when & if you sent them a newsletter??

I love how my newsletter turned out! It was a lot of work but really fun too! I included EVERYTHING since it will probably be my only one with 4 months to go. I will be sending out a wedding day timeline that will be similar to the newsletter set up. :)

I didn't include all the pages because some of it is, basic boring wedding stuff but you can get an idea of what it's like from the pitures I posted.
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DIY Wedding
Sep 7, 2010

Snowflake project

This is super easy & quick to do! I got clear plastic snowflakes from the $ store (6 for $1) & I wanted them to have a little more sparkle.

I bought rhinestones from Michaels, assorted sizes, & hot glued them on! So easy..anyone can do it to just about anything!

I only added a few but I'm going to have 2 on my cake & they will have a lot more so people can see the sparkle from further away! : )

By the way be careful with glue guns! They are hot! lol I wasn't thinking & pushed the glue in further while the end was pointing at my other hand.. next thing I know hot glue was shooting out & landed all over my fingers & nails! I got burnt pretty bad. I'm not so upset about getting hurt as I am about being brain dead! I have no idea why I even did that haha..
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