Today I got a new Honda Civic Hybrid! I am so excited. I love it.

On to wedding things. Since the place I want to have the wedding at The Bamboo Gallery, I need to find alternate ideas to heels. The ground is just to "natural" I guess you could say for heels.
I did find some cute sandals/ flip flops at K Mart of all places.
Here is a picture of the dresses so if anyone has any ideas of cute flat shoes that would go please send a link!
Since I am having 9 bridemaids I chose to dresses that are similar for them to choose from. I have the most different shaped girls too so I am hoping each can find one they like out of these two. I have super skinny girls and then super curvy girls and one who is going to be having a baby in June so who knows if she will get back in shape for the wedding so I am hoping these two dresses are forgiving for those who need it and gives curves to the tiny ones. I love all my girls so I want everyone to be happy.
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Purple My New Car/ Shoes!
Purple My New Car/ Shoes!
Mar 21, 2009

I was looking online for shoes since we are having our probably having our wedding at this place that isn't ideal for heels and found this girl with a nascar garter. It gave me the idea to see if they had MIchigan ones and they did! I am so excited. Branden loves the team and since he is from there it will just add something nice for him and it can be my something blue!
He kept trying to look at the computer. He is such a pain in the butt sometimes. I am so excited!
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Purple Garter Garter!