Aug 21, 2009

Yay, it's finally finished. I was officially allowed to change my facebook status to engaged and let the world know. I'm afraid the ring might be too big because it comes off easily, but that's just wrong given what size it is. (3.5) Was I really supposed to get a Size 3 ring?
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rodrhonda4ever's Blue wedding
Sacramento, CA, USA
MyHotComments Congrads, it's so perty, Brianneg!
's  wedding
Orlando, FL, USA
What a lovely sparkler!

If it's slides off very easily and you are concerned, you might consider inching it down to a 3.25. Sometimes a half-size is just a little too big, but a quarter-size will make all the difference. I learned this with my ring, when the whole was too small and the half was too big, the jeweler suggested a quarter.
thepinksuperhero's White wedding
Astoria, NY, USA
Congrats!  Definitely make sure your ring is going to fit all year round- if it's big now, it might be bigger once the weather gets cold.
nlm3415's Pink wedding
Brookfield, OH, USA
Congrats!!! I'm still waiting for mine to come in, and I've already tried on dresses/looked at places but I can't even tell anyone!! Can't wait til I can change my facebook!
shawnamarie0509's Green wedding
Bloomsbury, NJ, USA
Congratulations!!! Its gorgeous :)
fusionbride's Red wedding
Toronto, ON, Canada
Congratulations! it's beautiful!

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