Aug 11, 2009

We met with a jeweler last night to set the cultured blue diamond that we purchased from D.NEA last week. Carol, the jeweler, is the mother of a friend of my fiancee's brother and the brother used her to create an engagement ring for his fiancee as well.

She was very nice if a little ditzy and little over the top bling-wise. She wear s multiple diamond rings, with one so big it looks like a ringpop. They have a big house in Manhattan Beach, which is a ritzier town than where we live even though it's only about 10 minutes away. She definitely puts a lot of effort into her appearance (bleached blond hair, likely plastic surgery, box of Latisse on her shelf).

Anyway, she had a few samples to show us and I explained exactly what I wanted. She had lots of catalogs for us to sort though and I think we made some good decisions. In the end, she's going to drop off our request and the diamond with her bench jeweler tomorrow and I'll probably have the ring in a week. She talked me out of platinum because it scratches too easily so I'm getting white gold.

Minor snafu while we were there though: she sorta lost the diamond. She was checking it out with her loop and she though she dropped it on the floor. Neither Nate nor I were actually watching her, we just heard the "oh, crud." We spent 15 minutes crawling around the room on our hands and knees with a flashlight searching for the diamond. Then Nate found it on the desk, so whatever she dropped, it wasn't the diamond. Slightly tense 15 minutes, but at least it'll make a good story for her.
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It sounds beautiful - can't wait to see the finished result. We had my ring custom made b/c I wanted something flat without prongs and fairly we did the bezel setting. There's pics on my blog if you can to look at what I mean. You'll have to scroll down a bit, as the post was a while back.

My band is also being should be done here soon! Because I'm dying to see it.

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I finally found my shoes and jewelry!!!!!