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unity candle
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unity candleunity candle 2

DIY Wedding
Unity Candle

Here is the Unity candle i made awhile ago for our wedding. On the stand there will be pink bows and ill add pictures whenever i get finished with them. I had to black out the date on the picture though for security reasons but here it is! I love it and the swarovski crystals make it just beautiful!
soon2bemrsdreher's Chocolate wedding
 |  Brantford, ON, Canada  |  11/09/2008  | 
Looks great, good job :)
vintagebabe's Green wedding
 |  Schenectady, NY, USA  |  11/09/2008  | 
fantastic!! I love it! I made ours too! It was fun.
im2babyblue4u's Blue wedding
 |  Mobile, AL, USA  |  11/10/2008  | 
WOW it looks great!!  You did such a wonderful job...keep up the good work on all of your DIY projects!! ;-)
futuremrsweikle's Pink wedding
 |  Newnan, GA, USA  |  11/12/2008  | 
I love your Unity Candle! What did you use for the monogram?
melissa0813's Chocolate wedding
 |  Hempstead, NY, USA  |  11/12/2008  | 
It looks amazing.  I plan on doing something very similar.  How much did you cost you to make them?
bride2be0309's Pink wedding
 |  Hattiesburg, MS, USA  |  11/12/2008  | 
Was less the twenty for everything. The most costly was actually the swarovski crystals but i got some of them on sale. I made my monogram in Microsoft Publisher.
spclagnt27's Pink wedding
 |  Cranford, NJ, USA  |  11/19/2008  | 
Looks incredible, I love it!
's  wedding
 |  Kuala lumpur, Kuala lumpur, Malaysia  |  11/21/2008  | 
i think it is to complicated in some way, cos is full of decoration on the big candle, but yet the colors are not well blended...
bride2be0309's Pink wedding
 |  Pulaski, MS, USA  |  11/21/2008  | 
Well first thanks for your opinion....second its exactly how i wanted to be. I wanted the big candle in the middle to draw everyones attention which is why its so decorated. Also the crystals and monogram are the exact same color pink so im not quite getting the blended comment. Also i sell these in bridal stores all over my town and have made and sold over 25 in two weeks with not a single complaint using the exact same design. So although i appreciate your opinion Ill be politely ignoring it. Thanks to all the other ladies for your comments :)
kiakyrakam's Chocolate wedding
 |  West palm beach, FL, USA  |  11/30/2008  | 
I know you used microsoft publisher for the monogram but what did you print it out on........thanks...love it!!!!!!
bride2be0309's Pink wedding
 |  Pulaski, MS, USA  |  12/02/2008  | 
I used vellum paper. Not the kind already cut for invitations (like you find at Hobby lobby) but the longer kind so that it will be able to wrap around the entire candle. Staples and Office max carry this kind of paper.
's  wedding
 |  Yuma, AZ, USA  |  12/02/2008  | 
I'm thinking of embellishing my candles.Where did you find the crystals and how did you attach them>?
bride2be0309's Pink wedding
 |  Roxie, MS, USA  |  12/02/2008  | 
Its was either Hobby Lobby or Michaels and I used the flat swarovski crystals and jewel glue to attach
passmoresflowers's  wedding
 |  Batangas, A7, Philippines  |  04/04/2013  | 
The unity candle looks great. This is really unique.

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