Apr 26, 2009

i was planning on doing in the morning of the rehearsal. Mom says the day before that. Anyone know from experience?
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littlelady7688's Purple wedding
Twin lakes, WI, USA
Do the day before your event and make sure to exfoliate before you go. I went with about 6 other girls and my tan was the only one that lasted to the next day.
keukahi's Black wedding
Grand island, NE, USA
If you are doing mystic tan then that is a process. But if you are just going to get a spray tan do a trial first.   A friend of mine did the spray tan the next morning you could see streaks and it was uneven.  So I would recommend doing a mystic tan and they have a website that tells you what they recommend after you answer a few questions but I would say that would be the way to go and from experience it worked out great for me for my vacation.
mshymanroth's White wedding
Dayton, OH, USA
I always spray tan. It always looks best the next day. So I would do it the day before. Sometimes I'll do a standup for 7 minutes and go spray tan after or the next day.
samanthawaller22's Pink wedding
Waukesha, WI, USA
I get spray tanned once a week and I spray people we have it at my work! you def. need to have a base you can't be pale white or you might get streaky so I would go once the week before and the day before your rehearsal unless you don't mind being sticky and smelling like the product.
bridetobeod's Black wedding
Anaheim, CA, USA
thanks ladies, did anyone get handsprayed by a professional?  Is that worth the extra $$ (less streaky?)
pinkbridezilla's Pink wedding
Old bridge, NJ, USA
I would have to agree with your mom. I have done it plenty of times. God forbid it comes out a little funky at least you will have a day in between to do something with it. But if your wedding is the next day you might not. And sometimes the color does not even show till the next day.(i usually went at night)  You don't want to look streaky or uneven and usually an extra day will even it out. And yes it def. is better to get sprayed by a person than a booth. Def worth the extra money.

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