Ok so this isn't exactly wedding related, but it sure doesn't help 2 days before the wedding.

We finally found a gorgeous condo we loved in our price range, the bank originally told us no problem we could get 100% financing if we pay off two of my FH old debts. So we did (7000$ worth) and we were ready to put a bid on the condo today. Then the bank tells us that because of what's happening in the market in the US, they are no longer offering 100% financing for anyone. So unless we can put a downpayment (which would be another 10 000$ plus closing costs) then we can't do anything. So now we are going to be stuck renting (paying someone else's mortgage) forever. What a crappy day!
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 |  Edmonton, AB, Canada  |  07/17/2008  | 
You must be Canadian...I work for the TD bank doing mortgages.  Did they discuss the option of 5% down payment?

If you like email me I would be happy to assist you in getting into a new home.

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