Oct 8, 2009

Okay, so about a year ago I had my hairstylist give me bangs. I really like them, and I think they flatter my face nicely, but...

I'm concerned about having them for the wedding, because I want to wear my hair up, and I don't really like the way they look with my tiara and a veil and all that.

So, I'm considering growing them out into a longer, kind of side bang, like they used to be.

There are pictures to the left, which do you like better? Do you think I should grow them out?
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regular bangs
side bangs
futuremrsweikle's Pink wedding
Newnan, GA, USA
I think for your wedding you should grown them out. I cut mine about a month ago (my wedding is in two weeks) and I really wish I hadn't done it. Thank God mine are fairly long! I just think you'll be happier if you grow them out.
's  wedding
Regina, SK, Canada
I personally like your hair with bangs, I think it gives you a softer look. But its all about what you feel more comfortable with.
futuremrsredford's Red wedding
Stockton, CA, USA
I think longer bangs will look BEAUTIFUL Pictures, Images and Photos  on you
mrsguzman's Pink wedding
Hanford, CA, USA
side bangs or grow them out : D
blkbutterfly's Pink wedding
Killeen, TX, USA
I love the black and white picture!
brittastic's Purple wedding
ugh... I'm still flip flopping on this... I love my bangs. I really do think they make my face look... softer and... I dunno, just better. BUT... i still don't know about the veil and all that with them... and everyone keeps telling me to grow them out...

can't decide!!!
willbwild's Black wedding
Owen sound, ON, Canada
Why don't you start growing them out and once you get your headpiece you can decide.  If you want the bangs back then you can get them cut again.

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