Jul 19, 2011

I noticed a post from another bride on here regarding davids bridal-dress your wedding tool so I thought I would check it out, it looked kind of interesting to me. So I logged into DB only to find that it only gave me the option to use 1 bride and 1 groom. I was not able to locate an option for two brides, or two grooms.

So what did I do , I emailed Davids Bridal.

Here is my email: My question is in regards to the " dress your wedding" tool that you have available. I was in the process of using this, and came to find that I could only use one bride and a groom... I dd not see an option to use two brides, or two grooms. Does David's Bridal not support same sex couples?

They responded: Hello Brittney,Thank You in you interest in David's Bridal. We have forwarded this inquiry to our marketing team to add to there to do list.

I guess I didn't really get an answer. Has anyone else experienced anything similar to this.. Wether you are in a same sex relationship or a biracial couple? I feel like people should be over our differences by now.. Its 2011, we have flying cars!! When FW and I first got engaged we had an appt with a travel agency because we were going to have a destination wedding. the woman told us that we should have told her we were gay on the phone before coming... needless to say, we didnt go back to her.
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rainbobride2011's Purple wedding
Sarasota, FL, USA
Great post... I Guess didn't even think of that when i did it maybe cause i she was wearing a tux but that is a very gd question... I think i would have cussed the lady at the travel agency out.. SMDH @ sum ppl im glad we havn't had any problems from any of my vendors they have treated us just the way we should be my money spend just likem everyone else money... BTW my experiance and DB was wonderful even though they was trying to set up a appointment for the other bride... Lol she would never wear a dress..
princesni's Pink wedding
Luanda, Luanda, Angola
wow great queestion.... but i dont think that the fact that they dnt have same sex couple or bi racial means they dont support it... it might just mean their IT guys havent gotten to it yet...
futuremrslilley's Pink wedding
London, ON, Canada
I think it's great that you e-mailed that to them. I think you received an automated e-mail saying that they have received it and someone from marketing will look at it and contact you back.
And that is really sad about the travel agent. But I am glad things are working out for you lovely ladies now!!
Let's hope that we see some changes!!!
brittneyx's Pink wedding
Welland, ON, Canada
princessni- you are right it doesnt mean that they dont support it, i was questioning them since it wasnt available to see what kind of response i would get... i personally feel like if there IT guys hadnt finished their programing then they shouldnt have released it until it was all done..

thanks for the comments ladies <3
princesni's Pink wedding
Luanda, Luanda, Angola
HAHAHAHA true that... maybe they just havent thought of it... it takes someone to actually ask for them to do it so kudos to you!!! mwah!

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