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Invite Wording: Advice Please

I was searching wording for the invites.
Here is one I found that sounds pretty good.
What wording are you useing or used??

tashasita's Purple wedding
 |  Ottawa, ON, Canada  |  06/22/2010  | 

There is alot of different options on this site. We chose to use a little poem and then the invite part was from us, not our parents. Here is a link to our invites. :)


But there is sooo many options to choose from on that site above. Guess it's whatever appeals to you. Some people like more words, some like much simpler. Some are spiritual, some are quirky, some are very formal. The possibilities are endless. Just really what speaks to you two.
browncurls's Blue wedding
 |  Port richey, FL, USA  |  06/22/2010  | 
Tashasita...Can I PLEASE steal your border on yours!? It speaks to me! It truly is me and my love!
sweetlatina's Purple wedding
 |  West haven, CT, USA  |  06/22/2010  | 
As for wording, it depends on who is paying for it. Check this site out:


Tashasita, I'm going to take a look at that site you listed :)
tashasita's Purple wedding
 |  Ottawa, ON, Canada  |  06/22/2010  | 
Steal away lovely! :) :)
browncurls's Blue wedding
 |  Port richey, FL, USA  |  06/22/2010  | 
Awwwwww! A BIG THANK YOU!!
tashasita's Purple wedding
 |  Ottawa, ON, Canada  |  06/22/2010  | 
sweetlatina, it helped me so much. Hope it helps you too!
browncurls's Blue wedding
 |  Port richey, FL, USA  |  06/22/2010  | 
@sweetlatina it will be us paying for it all.
rachaeljustice2010's Red wedding
 |  Lexington, KY, USA  |  06/22/2010  | 
maybe if you found some words you liked on different invite templates you could do a little mix and match. maybe line two from this one paired with line six from that. or even change it up to make it more personal. use I and we instead of them and their.
browncurls's Blue wedding
 |  Port richey, FL, USA  |  06/22/2010  | 
@racheljustice2010 thought about  that to ma
monawang's  wedding
 |  Shanghai, Kandahar, China  |  06/22/2010  | 
Love Your Life
However mean your life is, meet it and live it; do not shun it and call it hard names. It is not so bad as you are. It looks poorest when you are richest. The faultfinder will find faults in paradise. Love your life, poor as it is. You may perhaps have some pleasant, thrilling, glorious hours, even in a poorhouse. The setting sun is reflected from the windows of the alms-house as brightly as from the rich man's abode; the snow melts before its door as early in the spring. I do not see but a quiet mind may live as contentedly there, and have as cheering thoughts, as in a palace. The town's poor seem to me often to live the most independent lives of any. May be they are simply great enough to receive without misgiving. Most think that they are above being supported by the town; but it often happens that they are not above supporting themselves by dishonest means. Which should be more disreputable. Cultivate poverty like a garden herb, like sage. Do not trouble yourself much to get new things, whether clothes or friends, Turn the old, return to them. Things do not change; we change. Sell your clothes and keep your thoughts.2010 Wedding Gownswedding dressglovebridal gownscheap bridal gowns2010 Wedding DressesFlower Girl Dressesbridal gownsProm Dressbridemaid dress2010 bridemaids dressesMother of bride dressesProm Dresses2010 bridemaids dressesMother of bride dressescouture wedding dressesProm DressProm Dress2010 bridemaids dressesMother of bride dresseswedding dressProm Dresses2010 bridemaids dressesProm Dressesbridemaid dressbridemaid dress
's  wedding
 |  Ottawa, ON, Canada  |  06/22/2010  | 
ares start like this....
     we decided on forever, and forever starts today.
 with our names first though
tamtam's Green wedding
 |  Wolfskehlen, Ordino, Germany  |  06/22/2010  | 
We didn`t want our invitations to sound to formal....that`s what we wrote:
             We`ll walk side by side, hand in hand....forever!

                        WE INVITE YOU TO SHARE

                    The ceremony will be at two o`clock
                               At the .... church in ....

                          RECEPTION TO FOLLOW

                Please contact us by the First of August 2010
                    & let us know if you will be able to attend
's  wedding
 |  Port richey, FL, USA  |  06/23/2010  | 
Thanks for the tips girls!! I like that tamtam!
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