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Im back

Missed You Ladies
Browncurl's is Back :)

Hello Ladies,
I'm really not sure where to begin. So much has happened to Fh & I since my last post. I will try to keep it short. First, as most of you ladies know I was out on surgery recovering in between that FH lost his job over the road and was suck on the other side of the states(mind you I haven't seen him since March...so sad) I got back to work as quickly as I could while he was looking for a way to get back to his past job OTR. We started to go thru financial hardship. Fh got his old job back..THANK GOD! Our financial situation was still alil hard on us.
A few weeks ago my grandmother(my mother's mom) pasted away, which took my whole family by surprise. She died from a massive heart attack. My mom has decided to work on herself and will be going away for about a year so she can get herself right. She is struggling with lots of demons at the moment especially with the lose of my grandmother.
Since I had some free time away from WBC I decided to work on myself. I started dieting and exercising. I have lost a total of 21lbs in 3months:)

I am sooooo SORRY for all the Wonderful Ladies weddings I have missed! Please forgive me! I have missed you all soooo MUCH! I am HAPPY to be back and start being my old new self again!
Love, Jeannie
rainbobride2011's Purple wedding
 |  Sarasota, FL, USA  |  07/30/2011  | 
Welcome back.... Sorry for all your troubles and the lost of your grandmother..Congrats on ur weight loss and I look fwd to ur inspiring post...
browncurls's Blue wedding
 |  New port richey, FL, USA  |  07/30/2011  | 
@rainbow2011 Thanks for your support sweetie! I love WBC and I will defintealty stepping up on my comments and support to all the wonderful ladies here!
's  wedding
 |  Sacramento, CA, USA  |  07/31/2011  | 
OMGoodness!  I was wondering about you!  Sorry about your loss of your grandmother.  I was through a sticky situation with mine as well. She is rehabiltation now, hopefully she will go home soon.  

All these delays and obsticles happen t build you stronger than you were before. Congrats on the weight loss. Keep up the good work...and yes I missed ya! (smile)
's  wedding
 |  Hudson, FL, USA  |  07/31/2011  | 
@rhonda Thank you for your support and faith! Sorry to hear about your grandmother Rhonda, having an ill loved one or loss of a loved one always takes a toll in our lives. I have def missed wbc big time. Ready to get my hand dirty again! lol
's  wedding
 |  Sacramento, CA, USA  |  07/31/2011  | 
hannikay's Pink wedding
 |  Nilma, Andorra la vella, Australia  |  07/31/2011  | 
Hi Jeannie! Thanks for the update... what a huge couple of months!! I'm so glad FH got his job back... such a worry that can be! And it sounds like you recovered well from your operation which I'm really pleased to hear.

What a shock about your grandmother! My sympathies go out to your whole family. I hope your mom is back to her normal self really soon. x

And WOW about losing all that weight!! What a CHAMPION!! I want to see before and after photos... blog about it next!!! Inspire us :)
browncurls's Blue wedding
 |  New port richey, FL, USA  |  07/31/2011  | 
@Hannah Aweee! So GREAT to hear from you! Hope married life is treating you and hubby well! :)
Thanks for your support and sweet words! I will def post something by the end of Oct. My goal is to lose another 20lbs by then. I was a 18/20..closer to a size 20 and I am now getting into a size 16. My goal isto get into a size 14...but if I could make it to a 12 by the wedding date I would be even happier but not gonna drive myself insane if I don't. When my family from up north came to my grandmother's furneal they all seemedtp notice the chnage, which made me feel really good!! Stayed posted!! :)
princesni's Pink wedding
 |  Luanda, Luanda, Angola  |  08/01/2011  | 
welcome back Jeanie! definitly missed you! so sorry for your loss! am glad though you guys are picking urselves up n ur mom is working on herself! congrats on the weightloss by yhe way!! mwah
browncurls's Blue wedding
 |  New port richey, FL, USA  |  08/01/2011  | 
@princesni Awe, thanks girl! Missed you girl terribly! :)
soon2bekatieg's Blue wedding
 |  Charlotte, NC, USA  |  08/01/2011  | 
welcome back to WBC. Its been some time since I've seen you blogging and was wondering where you went. I'm certain with all these things a break was much needed.

My deepest sympathy on your grandmothers passing. Its a good thing that your mom is recognizing that she needs time away to mentally get through her struggles so that's something positive out of all of this.

I think with time and love wounds will heal themselves and if this is as bad as i get then you and your FH can overcome it all. Best of luck in wedding planning and the future.
browncurls's Blue wedding
 |  New port richey, FL, USA  |  08/01/2011  | 
@soon2bekatieg Awe, Thanks for your support and sweet words. Keeping my fingers crossed that things keep getting better.It def was a chain of unfortunate events. Now I am ready to kick some wedding butt,lol.
futuremrslilley's Pink wedding
 |  London, ON, Canada  |  08/02/2011  | 
YAY! Welcome back! I hope you are feeling better and that all your symptoms have subsided! I am glad that things are starting to look up for you guys again, and my condolences to your grandma!!!
laurie88's Orange wedding
 |  Westminster, MD, USA  |  08/02/2011  | 
It's wonderful to see you back!!! I can honestly say I have missed you and all of your wonderful wedding inspiration!!! I am so glad you were able to overcome all of the hardships that attacked your family, times today are hard and everyone is struggling. I know my Husband and I had trouble coming up with our final wedding payments.. but there is not time to talk about that!  Sorry to hear about your grandmother and I'm sorry to hear your mom is taking it hard. Hopefully it's something she can overcome and get past. I am so glad to see you back and posting on the site again!
browncurls's Blue wedding
 |  New port richey, FL, USA  |  08/02/2011  | 
@futuremrslilley Thank you for your sweet words! I am definatley feeling 100% better! I see your day is coming up soon!! Yay!
browncurls's Blue wedding
 |  New port richey, FL, USA  |  08/02/2011  | 
@laurie I couldn't wait to jump back on. I know what you mean! I feel like the circle is starting to close lil by lil from the group of ladies from the time I joined. Which I am so happy for! At the plus there are so many new faces I need to catch up on. Fh & I are working so hard to hurry up and get caught up with everything. Which is about half. I hope you stick around. I loved your input and advice! Your wedding was FABULOUS!! I really can't wait to see what your photographer captured!! :)
hismrsb's Purple wedding
 |  Mississauga, ON, Canada  |  08/02/2011  | 
it's great to have you back! we all missed you <3

ccranetobe's Orange wedding
 |  Melbourne, Andorra la vella, Australia  |  08/03/2011  | 
Welcome back hun. Good to "see" you. So good that your FH got his job back. Miracle!
browncurls's Blue wedding
 |  New port richey, FL, USA  |  08/03/2011  | 
@hismrsb Thanks! It def feels good to be back! Missed you girls!!

@Charis OMgoodness! How are you! Thank you so much. Its been a while since we last spoke. How is married life treating you!!
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