Jul 8, 2010

Omgoodness! Thank you ALL for your WONDERFUL SUPPORT!!
Everyone of you's is so RIGHT! I defintely taken back alot of time today and really thought about it.
I have decided to MOVE FORWARD with my theme.
I kinda feel sillyand enbrassed because I know I keep double guessing myself and wanting to change my theme.
But after really sitting back and thinking about it all day, and I mean ALL DAY.
I know it is the right choice. I Do LOVE IT and so does FH.
Not to mention the cardstock from Cards & Pockets came in today in the mail. And they are stunning. I can invision it in my head somewhat better.
All you ladies always keep me motivated and help me stay sane!! I love you all! Kudos to all of you for sticking by me!!xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxo=)~

Me in the middle with ALL WBC's Brides keeping me together!=)


I know that I am not perfect and that there might be others brides struggling just as I did. Who might feel just as I do with changing their theme and might be afraid to say it. I have learned that its ok ,even if its 100 times. All of WBC Brides are SUPPORTIVE. They will stick by you through Thick N Thin!!
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ilovemy friends
macbride's Orange wedding
Hamilton, ON, Canada
Awe honey don't be embarrassed! We all change our mind from time to time and rethink things. I recently changed what we're going to use as our alternative to a guest book. You're not alone!
browncurls's Blue wedding
Hudson, FL, USA
Awee Thanks Ma! I am alil embrasssed! But thats ok, I just pick myself up and keep on trucking, Right! lol xoxo
ileigha's Pink wedding
Whyalla, Ordino, Australia
I'm a very indecisive person so you are def not alone....I'm happy that you've decided on what you want
browncurls's Blue wedding
Hudson, FL, USA
Thanks sweetie! Its good to know that I am not alone! =)
tashasita's Purple wedding
Stoney creek, ON, Canada
Mark calls me the indecision QUEEN! LOL
Don't sweat it! Plus all brides understand that you want your day to be perfect. Whatever that means to you. And you don't want to regret any decisions. :)
browncurls's Blue wedding
Hudson, FL, USA
@ macbride, ileigha, and tashasita I just LOVE you Girls!! Thanks for all your love and support ! I truly mean it!! xoxox
's  wedding
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's  wedding
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