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all inclusive cancun wedding
Ok ok, i know every lady on here HAS to have pinterest and a wedding board and if you dont...time to get it!

I mean, my life in all aspects has literally changed since pinterest as crazy as that sounds lol from cleaning/organization to recipes and home interiors but the wedding ideas are AMAZING! Please check it out if you havent done so, ill be posting some ideas ive found and plan on using.

And if you have pinterest find me, Kelly Conroy. What are your favorite finds on there?
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Ladies how ive missed this blog!

After a VERYYYY long time MIA & much thought i've decided to come back! A LOT has happened in the past few years- the good and the bad, the pretty and the ugly. Ill put a very long story short and just say that our wedding was called off in 2010 and with much hard work, the right attitude, and most important LOVE we are deciding to finally tie the knot now.

With our relationship and love as our main focus of our wedding now as oppose to trying to be overly extravagent for everyone else we decided against the whole big wedding route and opt for a small destination wedding with our closest friends and family. Not only would i NOT be looking forward to planning a whole big wedding again but it took a very large toll on our relationship. Your wedding is supposed to be the most memorable day or your lives not a burden. Take a word of advice and do not let the small details get to you. live your life while your planning and do not let it take over your life.

I couldn't be more happier and am so excited to have a beautiful time at a beautiful place in a beautiful relationship ;)

Ill post more information about our venue and resort another time ;)

ta-ta for now ladies! you know i cant stay away too long!

BTW- i did choose to delete almost ALL of my posts from our previous planning. I want to create new memories and put those ones behind. I did however, keep a few for reference.
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kelly 2
im going crazy over here -i have so many different options i love but not sure which one im going with. I googled loose curl updos & came up with these options.

I have a hair trial tomorrow with my stylist & cant make up my mind which i like the best.

any suggestions?

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Pink WEDDING HAIR hair trial tomorrow -HELP !
Pink WEDDING HAIR hair trial tomorrow -HELP !
Pink WEDDING HAIR hair trial tomorrow -HELP !
Pink WEDDING HAIR hair trial tomorrow -HELP !
Pink WEDDING HAIR hair trial tomorrow -HELP !
Pink WEDDING HAIR hair trial tomorrow -HELP !
wedding hair
Me & FH were watching couples retreat tonight. I loved it. I just love vince vaughn hes too funny. there was a really cute song @ the end of the movie & it caught my attention.

Im not usually into this kind of music but i like it ;)

youtube it:

Couples Retreat Soundtrack - Sajna - Rahman
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What a bargain i found while shopping @ Patcatans last week. Ladies, if you have a patcatans near you i HIGHLY suggest you shop there for specific items instead of Michaels, they are def. better priced & have more of a selection for wedding items!

they are not totally finished yet, ran out of rhinestones & couldnt trek through the 20 inches of snow we got! but I bought the cake toppers there for $1.00 each regular priced & the rhinestones (2 packs) for 2.99 each.

altogether this project cost me $9.00, when these SAME toppers are found online for $45 & up. WOO! GO ME ;)

futuremrswilson made me realize i didnt explain to you ladies how to apply the rhinestones.

I actually took what i had at the house (a nail, yes a small nail & tacky glue)

I used the flat side of the nail, dipped it in a little glue & added the rhinestones to the topper.

FYI: make sure when doing toppers like this you use tacky glue or jewelry glue. Stay away from Super glue. Not only does it dry to fast but it leaves a smudged/blurry look on the rhinestones & the topper causing them not to sparkle.
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cake toppers
One of our groomsmen went to the tux store today to get fitted & I asked my BM to come along so she could try on her dress next to the tux. What a match! i love the outcome!

Do you ladies like the color scheme??
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dresses 3
dresses 2
After a long hard seach for coordinate vest and ties to match my bridesmaids sashes we finally found the most amazing tuxes! im so proud of my FH for finding these!


The suits are 3 buttoned Calvin Klein tuxedos & the vest & tie are saffron colored.

i love them! FH will look SO sexy ;)

what do you think?!
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best man
Pink TUXEDOS FINALLY my picky fiance found them!
so im new to this & just wanted to give everyone a little background about my fiancee & i....Im Kelly, im 20 from Pittsburgh. Michael & i met about 6 years ago. I was only a freshman in highschool & he just graduated. We have one beautifulson who just turned 4 and we just built our house! Mike proposed to me Christmas Eve '08 when we had both of our families over for our first christmas in our new house. It was perfect for me because im very family oriented and loved the fact that they were all there to see such an important day in my life. im a very young bride & mother but could not ask for anything better in my life then my fiancee & son! happy to be able to share with everyone my thoughts about the wedding and my bridezilla moments !
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little blurry
so ive finally decided what id like to do as my centerpieces and im so happy with the outcome! there will be a box below the vase with a LED light shining into the case to add sparkle. The flowers im using are calla lillies and willow branches. There will be crystals hanging from the branches (light from bottom of vase makes them shine so nice!) and around the main centerpiece will be two smaller vases with a submerged calla lillie and a floating candle on top. me what you think! i dont have pictures from MY orginal centerpieces, but these pictures are where i got my inspiration.

my bouquet & the bridemaids will be all calla lillies
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this is our centerpiece inspiration, there will be calla lillies in the arrangement as well
there will be 2 of these around the centerpieces we are putting on the table.