Rhena's Morocca chandelier 1195.00
Rhena's Morocca chandelier 1195.00

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OMG: Moroccan Chandeliers!!

Rhena & Angelo's Theme

Ummmm, I'm in love with this chandelier. How about 10 of them hanging through out the reception tent? NOT! They are $1,195.00 each. Ohhhhhh, I want these! HAAAAAAAAA! (I'm gritting my teeth right now!)

Any other suggestions? I don't like paper lanterns either.
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 |  Cary, NC, USA  |  07/16/2009  | 
ohhhhh, so pretty!!
I know they're nothing similar, but if you have a look at zgallerie in your local mall or on their website (zgallerie.com) they have a few moroccan inspired things for a pretty affordable price. I'm getting a couple of lanterns when I stop past there tomorrow. (Btw- I'm totally subscribing- I could use a few more ideas. :o) )
budgetqueenrhena's Chocolate wedding
 |  Sacramento, CA, USA  |  07/17/2009  | 
Thank you sapphire!
ksmiley's Purple wedding
 |  Greensboro, NC, USA  |  07/29/2009  | 
hi budgetqueenrhena. i was looking for hanging crystals and i saw these. i immediately thought of your wedding theme. here's the site: www.shopwildthings.com/metallamp. i hope this helps you out some. =)
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I have been in love with this backdrop for a long time. I talked to my aunt who knows a decorator...
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