BM and ring bearer's gifts ordered!

I just ordered personalized totes from thetoteplace.com . After looking at several "bridesmaid gift" websites I decided to venture out on my own. I knew I wanted totes but I didn't want to pay $20 for a simple polyester pink tote with their names on them.

I found this super cute pink tote on thetoteplace.com for $10.83 with personalization! They wanted $24.00 for it on mybridesmaidgifts.com. Shop around ladies you will save a lot of money!!!!

So I ordered one for my MOH (my mom) and my BM Christina. I also orderd a cute lime green one for my ring bearer which will have his name on it. (less than $9.00!) I can't wait til they come in! I plan to fill them full of all kinds of cool stuff!
specialk2122's Purple wedding
 |  Fountain hills, AZ, USA  |  04/14/2009  | 
Thanks for the website! I'm always trying to find a good dea;.
kryslun18's Pink wedding
 |  Flint, MI, USA  |  04/15/2009  | 
I got totes just like these for all my bridesmaids a few months ago from ebay I got 7 bags for abnout $47.00  they looked so good I ordered two for myself one pink with brown lettering and one brown with pink writing anyways the seller is no longer listed on ebay but they have there own site @ http://mistypinesembroidery.com/ I don't know if the prices are the same though.
futuremrsvince's Pink wedding
 |  Columbia, MD, USA  |  04/15/2009  | 
Cute!  What are you going to fill them with??
purplenat1's Purple wedding
 |  Lafayette, IN, USA  |  04/17/2009  | 
Shopping around is definitely the way to go. Anything that has "wedding" or "bridal" is going to be at least 25% more expensive than the same damn thing without the fancy name. The wedding industry sucks!! Thanks for the website! :-)
halesntboz's Pink wedding
 |  Washington, DC, USA  |  04/30/2009  | 
omg great find and great post! thanks I was totally going to drop like $20 per purse and i have 6 bridesmaids!
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