Apr 14, 2009

I just ordered personalized totes from thetoteplace.com . After looking at several "bridesmaid gift" websites I decided to venture out on my own. I knew I wanted totes but I didn't want to pay $20 for a simple polyester pink tote with their names on them.

I found this super cute pink tote on thetoteplace.com for $10.83 with personalization! They wanted $24.00 for it on mybridesmaidgifts.com. Shop around ladies you will save a lot of money!!!!

So I ordered one for my MOH (my mom) and my BM Christina. I also orderd a cute lime green one for my ring bearer which will have his name on it. (less than $9.00!) I can't wait til they come in! I plan to fill them full of all kinds of cool stuff!
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specialk2122's Purple wedding
Fountain hills, AZ, USA
Thanks for the website! I'm always trying to find a good dea;.
kryslun18's Pink wedding
Flint, MI, USA
I got totes just like these for all my bridesmaids a few months ago from ebay I got 7 bags for abnout $47.00  they looked so good I ordered two for myself one pink with brown lettering and one brown with pink writing anyways the seller is no longer listed on ebay but they have there own site @ http://mistypinesembroidery.com/ I don't know if the prices are the same though.
futuremrsvince's Pink wedding
Columbia, MD, USA
Cute!  What are you going to fill them with??
purplenat1's Purple wedding
Lafayette, IN, USA
Shopping around is definitely the way to go. Anything that has "wedding" or "bridal" is going to be at least 25% more expensive than the same damn thing without the fancy name. The wedding industry sucks!! Thanks for the website! :-)
halesntboz's Pink wedding
Washington, DC, USA
omg great find and great post! thanks I was totally going to drop like $20 per purse and i have 6 bridesmaids!

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