Jan 25, 2009

My FH and I met with Carrie of Carrie's Cakes and Catering, Inc. and decided on our cake. I am so excited!!!

It will be a three tier, round ivory buttercream cake dusted all over with sugar crystals. It will be lemon cake with no filling.

This cake was a combination of two cakes that I found that I loved, one with sugar crystals and one with pearl-like beading around each layer. It is going to be SOOOO pretty!!!

If any of you ladies live in the VA Beach area and you are looking for an affordable cake maker, let me know!!! She is doing my cake with silver cake stand, monogrammed initials, tax and delivery for less than $300!!

I'm really starting to get excited about this, and so is the FH which surprises me because he never gets excited about anything except guns and cars LOL!!!
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My cake will have the sugar crystals on it like this one
My cake will have the pearl-beading around the base of each layer like this cake
Sketch of cake, drawn by my cake maker.
My cake will look like this, but ivory instead of green.

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