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Flowers for pews VS bouquets

ladies I need some assitance...I know I did a blog about flowers earlier on and many of you said that its all up to me...well from experience have any of you done different flowers for the pew decorations then your bm and your bouquets?? Or do any of you plan on it?

My mil came across this style for the ceremony and I love it and i totally ♥ Gerbera daisies but I know I want the bouquets to be roses...would it look tacky to mix the two?

or should i combine them in both decorations and bouquets?

Does anyone have any pics of them combined?

andy23's Orange wedding
 |  Richmond hill, ON, Canada  |  09/18/2008  | 
I think the idea of having two types of flowers are fine but I would try and keep them the same colour or at least have the colours match one another.
scheri's Chocolate wedding
 |  Edmonton, AB, Canada  |  09/19/2008  | 
I think if the flowers are all the same color or use the same ribbon, tulle or greenery it will look beautiful
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