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Candy Buffet doggie bags?!?

We're 85% sure we want to do a candy buffet at our wedding however we have hit a bump in the road...what do we give guests to take home/hold the candy in?
amcs76's Green wedding
 |  Whitby, ON, Canada  |  08/04/2008  | 
What about take out boxes, you can buy them for cheap on ebay, and decorate them with pretty ribbon:

Take out boxes
sthrnzeta's Black wedding
 |  Augusta, GA, USA  |  08/04/2008  | 
I was going to suggest take-out boxes also and I think I'll be doing it.  You can buy white boxes like the ones amcs76 posted and get black and white damask tape to use or you can buy colored boxes and just tie some colored ribbon around it.  Check out these blogs also:



Hope that helps!
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