Feb 23, 2009

I'm on a budget. So I'm using plastic tablecloths. Does anybody know how to get the creases out? I'm using black tablecloths to make the decorations stand out more. I don't want the traditional white ones. I just need some help to figure out how to make them look nice on the big day.
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This isn't my real decorations.  I'm NOT using aluminum foil---it will be mirrors.  But you get the idea of the black tablecloths.
amcs76's Green wedding
Pickering, ON, Canada
I googled and found this solution:

It says you can use a hair dryer on it and it will take the wrinkles out, or you can put it in the dryer on "Delicate" for 3 minutes and it should take the wrinkles out.

Hope that helps!
b00tyfulchica's Purple wedding
La follette, TN, USA
I'm thinking it will melt if you put any heat to it cause they are thin.  I don't know I'd be very careful with any type of heat I put to it.
joyfulsong's Red wedding
Saint john's, NL, Canada
I'd be wary of putting heat on it as well.  I would tend to trust the "Delicate cycle" more, as it wouldn't be as hot, but with the hair dryer, at least you can watch it.

Sorry if this doesn't help.  I'm sure whatever you do to get the wrinkles out will work out fine.
rodrhonda4ever's Blue wedding
Sacramento, CA, USA
Good Question! I think a steam iron would work. It's wet and you wouldn't directly touch the plastic. Just steaming it??? I found that when I use plastic for my daughters parties, placing it on the table days before and letting the moisture of the weather usually helps the kinks...
vintagebabe's Green wedding
Saranac lake, NY, USA
does it have to be plastic? I've never been able to get the creases out of plastic table covers....

I wound up buying satin table covers. 7 bucks a peice. It was out of my budget too but I got them anyway. lol. I had pink. Another idea..

instead of mirrors.. check your local dollar store for aluminum trays. I have a bunch. They are gorgeous.
bride2be82209's Pink wedding
Toledo, OH, USA
Thats a really cute table decoration idea! Love it...sorry I have no clue how to get the wrinkles out but when you find out let me know because we're using plastic ones too. We're just putting a runner down the middle
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Indianapolis, IN, USA
Thanks for all the ideas and help!  I really appreciate it!
's  wedding
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Toss it into the dry for a minute or two on LOW heat...no more than that!  Take it out and put it straight on the table.  Works like a charm!
abridenamedkelley's Red wedding
Indianapolis, IN, USA
I amalso on a low budget and also using plastic black table cloths with plastic red table runners. My tables will look very similar to yours. I am not sure about te wrinkles though. I just hope they look nice after the decorations and plates and stuff are all on them. Srry I wasn't much help.
futuremrsharless's Purple wedding
Kingsport, TN, USA
I am using plastic too and i think it is acceptable bc my venue is low key partial outdoors barn setting... I too wondered about the creases... i was curious if you had found the solution.... i need to find a do ahead solution  i dont have the option of popping in the dryer or a hair dryer or iron because of the remote outdoor location...

I am thinking that a low setting iron with a cloth cover over top of it will work  but i am trying to find something to do ahead of time
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Indianapolis, IN, USA
Since your tables are retangle you can get the roll plastic table covering and you will have no creases.  Just need to make sure whom doing the cutting cut a street line.

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