So many shoes, only one wedding...

I've found a couple websited for wedding shoes but does anyone have any other ideas??
ladybugg's Blue wedding
 |   |  09/04/2009  | 
I love shoes also. But, surprisingly my decision wasn't too difficult to make. I love the shoe in the bottom left of the collage.
faithsophi's Purple wedding
 |   |  09/04/2009  | 
I agree. So many cute shoesat websites.  But make sure to try them all on and pick the pair you love!
mrsttob101610's Purple wedding
 |  Appleton, WI, USA  |  02/02/2010  | 
I got mine off ebay for $18 and they are brand new already dyed!! I got lucky.  I figure once the dancing starts I will probably throw on a pair of flip flops!
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