I left it pretty much open, I did not care what they wore as long as they let me add my touch, and that would be to add a Green Sash to the bridesmaids and a pink sash to the Maid Of Honor. So, twe all decided this was the best dress to that with!
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Andrew is a college student with 4 years of experience as a photographer. Andrew did our engagement pictures and they looked great!! I actually just asked him to do a second shoot for me since I think I don't look too great, I was sick with the FLU and my little eyes just look sad, so he is going to it once again!

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My Invitations are very simple. I will post a picture later... Since it was DYI I can't just look them up on the website.
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I always throught I would use my favorite flower at my wedding, that is the Calla Lili!! Boy I was wrong! I just fell in love with the way these pink and green roses look! I'm going for a very fresh, cool, chic, "outdoorsy" feel and these will do the trick, although the Callas are still my fave I think they are more classy and elegant and that is not the style for our wedding. I'm doing my own flowers so, wish me luck!!! I have found a wholesaler online who so far has the BEST deal!! I will be getting 400 roses (pink & green) my choice of foliage and 2 o3 gallons of fresh pink and green petals all for under $500!!! If you are thinking about doing your own flowers I would say check this website out before you decide:
If you do know of another place who gives a better deal! PLEASE LET ME KNOW! XOXO!
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