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Cheesy or Cost Effective? Pre-used vases?

Okay Girls, I need to know if this is cheesy or cost effective. I work in a big city hospital as a nurse. Our patients receive flowers during their stay and don't take them home with them a lot of times for whatever reason. It just so happens that I have collected a lot of the vases and brought them home thinking I might use them for the centerpeices at the reception. Most of them are similar to the picture I have posted, some are smooth and some are ribbed.

So what do you think? Is it okay? Is it demented?
akgilliam's Purple wedding
 |  Arlington, VA, USA  |  08/25/2008  | 
I say go for it! Why buy new what you already have for free?! And how would anyone know they're hospital-used unless you told them???

Centerpieces vases...CHECK! :)
amcs76's Green wedding
 |  Whitby, ON, Canada  |  08/25/2008  | 
Why not? Who's going to know they were pre-used vases? No one. If it saves you money, then go for it.
sapphire2009's Blue wedding
 |  Cary, NC, USA  |  08/25/2008  | 
i say use them. no one has to know where the vases come from!
princessofdenial's Blue wedding
 |  Toledo, OH, USA  |  08/25/2008  | 
Heck yah! Use those babies! Like everyone else said who's gonna know!?!?!
vintagebabe's Green wedding
 |  Albany, NY, USA  |  08/25/2008  | 
yes use them! It is not demented at all! They are YOURS afterall! Not only is it ok to do.. but it's good for the environment! I say go for it proudly!
kjk2009's Pink wedding
 |  Hamilton, ON, Canada  |  08/25/2008  | 
i saw definitely go for it.
pearaholic's Black wedding
 |  Calgary, AB, Canada  |  08/25/2008  | 
I'm joining with the crowd here - use them!  Those can easily add up to hundreds saved!
davis2english's Blue wedding
 |  Spring, TX, USA  |  08/25/2008  | 
that is not cheesy, it is called being ECONOMICAL!!!!!!!! shhhhh...let this be our secret. Everyone does not have a need to know how you collected the vases. I see the vision far beyond the hospital. Nice silk flowers or fresh flowers, colored water to match your color scheme, and a nice satin wide ribbon to accent your colors..... Work it!
celestaries's Blue wedding
 |  West palm beach, FL, USA  |  08/26/2008  | 
Girl please. Who's going to know they are used if you don't tell them. Wherever I can get a nice price on something I do because you can spend more money somewhere else. I am the youngest person on my job. So, I asked one lady did she have some old vases just because I wanted to experiment and see how some things looked. Girl someone  started bringing them in to me. Use them to your best advantage.
sweetp's Pink wedding
 |  Little rock, AR, USA  |  08/26/2008  | 
Yes,yes,yes.....Go for it!!!!! well thats now a check off your list!!! YAAY!!!
matley13's Green wedding
 |  Saint catharines, ON, Canada  |  08/26/2008  | 
SOOOOO not cheesy!
scheri's Chocolate wedding
 |  Edmonton, AB, Canada  |  08/26/2008  | 
My florist recommended that we have a selections of sizes and shapes of vases for our wedding reception.  It has more impact the the Stark view of all the fl orals exactly the same and same height.

And she was right.  Our fl orals were out of this world beautiful
littlelady93's Pink wedding
 |  Saint louis, MO, USA  |  08/26/2008  | 
COST EFFECTIVE. if you can save money from not having to buy vases then that's awsome!! Beside no one will know that they are used.
irishpocahontas's Purple wedding
 |  Cork, Cork, Ireland  |  08/26/2008  | 
Go for it god knows everything adds up so cutting costs wherever you can is great, anyway these are holding flowers and have a purpose and it is the flowers ppl will look at not the vases! Who cares where they came from - I think you'd be mad not to use them!!
niknant's Pink wedding
 |  Los angeles, CA, USA  |  08/27/2008  | 
there is absolutely nothing wrong with that! if anything since the vases arent absolutely identical, than each centerpiece can be a little different, it will be unique!
marta12's Blue wedding
 |  Chicago, IL, USA  |  08/28/2008  | 
why would it be cheesy? i bought vases from a bride who had her wedding couple of months ago. i got them way cheaper than if I bought new ones...i'm all for saving a buck!
rodrhonda4ever's Blue wedding
 |  Sacramento, CA, USA  |  09/01/2008  | 
Anything free is a blessing!  With your theme color, you can even pray paint them the color you want and it would really look expensive!  I did that to my glass vases for the crystal trees!  Look at my page...Go for it!
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