Nov 15, 2009

I guess I will start off with the beginning of my wedding planning. I started thinking about wedding planning in May 2009. I never wanted to plan before that or had any idea on what I wanted to do due to the fact we didn't have a date set. I HATE thinking about things or getting overly excited when I don't even know when it's going to happy. I am kind of a spontaneous girl.

I was in N. Carolina visiting my sisters and my parents were there visiting too. I asked them if I could have a destination wedding or get married on a cruise do to the fact I haven't lived at home in a couple years and just wanted the wedding to be intimate and romantic with the people I love. I don't think we even had a date set while I was discussing this with my parents.

So once I got home I told Chris we need to set a wedding date. I am planning this wedding whether we live in Texas or not. I am ready to get married and get life goin!

The first date I was thinkin about was 04/08/10 to be the date he asked me to marry him. Since, it didn't land on a weekend, we threw it out. We were trying to come up with other dates, but we kind of put it off. I thought the triple number dates were cool so that's where we agreed on 10/10/10. I always wanted an outside wedding and since the wedding was being in a warm destination October was perfectly fine whether wise!

So the date is SET!!! The journey of hours and hours and did i add HOURS of researching begin. It seems sooo far away but it will be here before we know it. Next was deciding if we wanted to a set place to marry or if we wanted to go on a cruise and get married at a port or something like that. I wanted to get married on land for sure. I decided to throw the cruise idea out since I didn't want to be rushed to get married at a port and not be able to arrive days before to make sure everything is going ok.

I then started researching Mexico. I found a lot of amazing places and such, but then I thought about the cons of marrying there. The stress of making sure the marriage is legal, guest not being able to go because of not getting there passports, guest that decide they can go but have no time to get passports. Also my sister mentioned that she has heard lots of human trafficking is happening and just isn't the safest place. I am sure nothing would happen, but having something happen to the people closest to be would not be worth the risk. By then, I was determined to get married on the beach!! Seems so romantic and what a beautiful setting it's going to be. Next was Hawaii...

How cool would it be to get married in Hawaii. I started searching air fare prices, hotel rates, and wedding packages at resorts. After researching it I decided it would be waaaay to expensive for my guest. Even if we found great deals for airfare and hotels, everything else just seemed really expensive! My back up places were Florida and California! So I started researching Florida and thats where it stands!

I started researching Florida. After input from my sister and brother in-law, I decided to research on the gulf coast as it is much calmer water and they just liked that side better. I didn't know much as i have never been to either coast.

I searched for tons of resorts, checked out wedding packages, and room rates. That's where I found the Grand Plaza Resort. Kristi, who works at the Grand Plaza Resort has been tremendous HELP! My plan was to find 3 or 4 resorts that I love and go visit at the first of 2010 to check them out and decide from there.

During this time, Chris was not a big fan on having a destination wedding. It would get me down everytime I would talk about it and he didn't seem excited at all. His famous line "I'm fine with marrying you in the court house tomorrow" He didn't think his family would be able to afford it, but if we gave them all this time to save up, I feel if they really wanted to go they would start saving, and if they fall a little bit short we could handle it from there. I almost said Ta HELL with the destination wedding because I wanted him to be as excited as I was. I later learned that most guys are just not excited about the wedding planning and the whole shabang. We have always included eachother in decision making such as what furniture to buy and where to live and so on. So I wanted him to be included in this wedding planning. BUT I felt like if I gave up on this beach wedding idea, I would be putting my self short on what I truly wanted. If I am the only one that REALLY cares where and what about the wedding then I am going to stick to my grounds and be happy. I felt like this is going to be my only wedding and I might as well do it how I want or I will regret it in the long run. He finally put me at ease he told me its my wedding. Florida isn't his first choice but he loves me and said we will do it where I want.

So after going over resorts with my mom, Grand Plaza was our favorite and seemed to be with in good budget. I coresponded with Kristi some more at the resort. Since this was going to be a major day to get married, I checked with Kristi to see how many weddings they can book. There MAX is 3. and TWO were already booked. I called my mom that night ant let her know if we wanted it we needed to book it. I researched lots of reviews on weddings held there and also customers who have stayed at the resort. For the most part they were excellent. Me and my mom thought it would be a good idea to go ahead and book with out seeing it. We booked the wedding with in a couple days and put down a $500 deposit. The amazing thing is I set a goal to have a resort picked out by October and I met it!

So far sooo goood!

The ceremony site is free, which will be on the beach as long as you have a reception held at their resort.

As far was the ceremony, I can rent $5.50 per chair and the arch is $35.00

Picture of arch undecorated

I am wanting to find linen for the arch and flowers...

Here is one Idea I found and still searching. If any of yall have ideas PLEASE let me know =)


For the rooms..... Kristi recommended the Premier Suite and the Palm Room to us. If you spend the cost for renting the room in food/bar, you will not have to pay the room fee which is neat!

The Premier Suite is on the 10th floor and over looks the Gulf of Mexico. It is more elegant and is $2900.

The Palm Room is a more casual room that overlooks the Gulf of Mexico. It also overlooks the pool It is $2700. It includes in and outside room. However, there isn't really a dance floor which is ok. I decided to go with the Palm Room. Since it is in and outside. Since our families have never met I thought it would be better to have the Palm Room so everyone isn't stuck in one room if they feel unfortable or anything like that. I want the reception to be laid back too!

Here are pictures of the Palm Room

The set up comes with table lines, choice of color napkins, mirror table centerpieces and much more. I am also going to look in renting linens for the chairs.

I plan to go visit the resort by March and hopefully will have better idea of what it all looks like and what we will truly need. Figure more of wants and needs for the reception/ceremony and how to fit it with in budget!

If any one has any ideas or input... please let me know =)

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Grand Plaza Resort!

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