Orange Wedding Decoration can I have this lighting please?

Wedding Decoration
can I have this lighting please?

I want lighting in our reception exactly like this... I hope people wont see this as over the top, but there alot of blank wall at our reception!

Just an idea.. My brother is an electrician so I might run this by him and hope its ok with the venue.. I found this while reading Eric egwers website.. So talented!

Are you having lighting at your wedding?
's  wedding
 |  Northridge, CA, USA  |  03/11/2010  | 
beautiful...lighting is very important to create the look you're going for.
sweetlatina's Purple wedding
 |  West haven, CT, USA  |  03/11/2010  | 
I don't think it would be over the top. If you have alot of walls with out any window, it would look great! :)
mrsbrown's Red wedding
 |  Winnipeg, MB, Canada  |  03/11/2010  | 
I agree, not over the top...looks dreamy!
foureyes's Blue wedding
 |  Rockwall, TX, USA  |  03/13/2010  | 
Any questions you have with lighting feel free to send my way. Thats what FH and I have done for the past several years.
nicolejanineels's Orange wedding
 |  Johannesburg, Sant julia de loria, South africa  |  03/24/2010  | 
I also want blue and orange lighting.!
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I have been in love with this backdrop for a long time. I talked to my aunt who knows a decorator...
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