Apr 14, 2010

Just a pure vent... (maybe the baby photo is a little dramatic, but its cute)

I nearly thought I had everything sorted, turns out I dont.

Florist I was going with who I had every confidence in has decided to pull the pin.
Her reason was they hadnt done too much silk flowers before and it was too hard to put it together. (only reason im going with silk, because one of my BMs is allergic to flowers, and 2 of my BMs didnt like my idea of walking down with a clutch purse instead, also.. trying to half my cost)

So fair enough if she doesnt have the confidence to do it. Thats fine, I appreciate that she even gave me a phonecall.

Gives me 4 months to find silk flowers. Im thinking about DIYing them myself but I just dont want to put the pressure on myself with another DIY item.

FH reckons I will be fantastic to put it together. Im just losing motivation! well actually I just dont want to do it! Id rather for once in the wedding stuff that its not left up to me to do something!

I really dont think I can take it on :(

EDIT: I went and visited above mentioned florist about 2hrs ago and took some of my paperwork back(ideas and such) I then went to another florist and asked how they went an ordered silk flowers. I was ready to tackle the DIY route. The florist there was super HELPFUL and said she had a great supplier in silk flowers, she made a bouquet for me on the spot and was really confident with working with them. I was really impressed with her ideas. So i asked her if she would give me a quote. I really cant believe my luck from being so bummed about having to do them, with a lady who is sounding very promising and might I mention considerable cheaper? (I had heard very bad reviews so that why I was a little hesitant, but these guys are new owners and took on the business 5 weeks ago) So I will see what she comes up with her quote. Fingers crossed!
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hisfuturemrs's Purple wedding
Whitby, ON, Canada
omg that picture made me lmao!!!!!!!

definitely get some help don't take on too much you are suppose to enjoy this experience :)
jmknight86's Orange wedding
Orlando, FL, USA
you know it's funny how quickly we can go from stressed out and overwhelmed to everything being ok when planning a wedding. I was feeling TOTALLY overwhelmed looking for florists and my jaw would hit the floor every time I got a quote. Then, on my last string, I met with someone who was great AND in my budget!

Good luck!
camyam73's Black wedding
Innisfil, ON, Canada
I love the idea of a clutch purse instead of flowers!  What a great idea.  Something useful that they can keep afterwards..  my bm's will wear black dresses so a simple black purse they can keep stuff in is a perfect idea!  Really love it!  Hope your flowers worked out in the end!

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