Jul 11, 2010

I thought i wasnt having one..BUT I AM!!!


I got told the other other week that my BMs hadnt done anything towards a shower.. but yesterday. I got a suprise that they are organising one. Friday the 30th and instead of a normal shower.. Its a book shower! (I did say to my mum that I didnt really need anything for the house and she had seen me get excited over a Book shower idea way back when I first started planning.. ) The book shower is asking the ladies to bring me a book that had particular meaning to them or they enjoyed and to pass it on. Wether its new or used ,so I have plenty of reading material on our honeymoon (not that weve even booked that yet..oops)
Anyway the catch is that I have to design my own book shower invite. Well I like doing invitation stuff, except this week I thought I was going to be pretty quiet on the DIY front and more on the details front.

So Im printing out my rehearsal invitations when I get home and have to get creating the shower invite. Which I dont mind doing..as i loveee browsing the internet for inspiration! :D anyway have to have it done in the next three days.

And my hens party is this saturday, its go go go go!
Quick Update: Wedding invitation RSVP progress: 46% yes, 10% no at this stage and 44% yet to reply. 7 days to go to end of rsvp date.
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kkrbride's Purple wedding
Idaho falls, ID, USA
cute shower idea!! So happy you get to have one! Have fun!
ccranetobe's Orange wedding
Melbourne, Andorra la vella, Australia
KK I am soo stoked that Im having one. I was kinda dissapointed last week when I heard that I wouldnt be having anything, its not the be all and end all but I thought just having one would ramp up the excitement for me just a little before the day, you know a good day to hang out with the girls and stuff, now that I am... JOY!!)
macbride's Orange wedding
Hamilton, ON, Canada
Congratulations :). That's so awesome that you're having one. I love the theme too.
's  wedding
West lafayette, IN, USA
A book shower sounds fantastic! You could even register on amazon.com for a few books you're hoping for in case people have no idea what to get.
BTW, did you draw that pictures yourself? It's too perfect for your post,  so if you found it as is, major props. If you drew it yourself, then very nice looking drawing!
tashasita's Purple wedding
Stoney creek, ON, Canada
AHHH LOOOVE IT! I love books lol. I was contemplating a book shower initially, I think it's such a cool idea!

Invites knowing you, you can whip up in a day so that's not too bad, but excited for you! I remember your post last week where you were a little disappointed you weren'y having one!
ccranetobe's Orange wedding
Melbourne, Andorra la vella, Australia
Thanks mac!
Purplenat: I found it on the internet under to do list. Put it into photoshop and added the shower invites. But kudos :)

tashasita: I was a bit devo when i found out that i wouldnt be.. so hence my over the top excitement now! talk about AWSEOME! i love suprises, and i love books!
browncurls's Blue wedding
Hudson, FL, USA
Congrats Ma!! Enjoy and tons of fun!!

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