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Flower Girl
if we have one

If I can find a flower girl, I want her to wear a tutu. I'd rather her throw something other than flower petals, just to be different. I can't think of anything. If I go with petals, I don't know what colors to choose. I like this brown basket, so maybe pink and green petals.
kelleighf's Green wedding
 |  Las vegas, NV, USA  |  03/21/2008  | 
My flower girl is throwing daisy heads.  I am having the florist get those desert brush daisies and just de-stemming them (I guess that's what it's called). They are all white with a yellow center, you can have your florist spray paint the center white so no yellow shows, or even peony heads would be cute (they come in pink too :) ). Just ask your florist they can do just about anything!
's  wedding
 |   |  04/12/2008  | 
i love the idea of the tutu .. im having a fall  garden  and i was thinking of possibly fairy wings for our flower girl  not too sure though.. i love your ideas they are different and anything but traditional..kinda what im going for too
junieya's Chocolate wedding
 |  Lawton, OK, USA  |  05/17/2008  | 
I know a lady in Dallas Texas who makes tutu's and cute headbands... I love her ideas... glamrbaby.com or myspace.com/glamrbaby

Or you can make your own tutu.. It'll probably be cheaper to DIY =)
Good luck and congrats...
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