Apr 12, 2011

Hey ladies,

So i posted a "ask a question" on buying BM dresses online. I had 26 visits and only 1 comment. I really, really appreciate that 1 comment, however I'm starting to get really discouraged with this site. I try my hardest to comment on as many posts as possible, even if its just a one word comment. Don't get me wrong, I can understand if you have absolutely nothing at all to say, but really? 26 visits and 1 comment?! Come on ladies, we are all here to help each other out!

Anyways... Rant is done.. onto the bridesmaid dress topic..

Missnatasha commented and said that she will looking into lightinthebox.com I remembered that kittyvenglish ordered from there as well and she was thrilled with her product. I was reading reviews and they all seemed really good. I went ahead and ordered a dress for myself before I ask my girls to order. As far as I can see, the prices are great, everyone loves the quality and they have relatively fast shipping! I'm very excited to get my dress from there! Hopefully they don't make a liar out of me!
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sweetlatina's Purple wedding
West haven, CT, USA
I've heard mixed reviews about lightinthebox.com. They do have great dresses and prices. I would love to know when you receive the dress, what the quality is like and if it met your expectations. Sorry to hear about your rant. I know a lot of us had issues like that and it's sad that we put in time and effort in order to get feedback.  I wouldn't worry much about it. Sometimes I see a post and get side tracked to respond back.
carrieann's Green wedding
Milford, OH, USA
I'm always worried about ordering online, I'm afraid things wont fit like it showed or be true to size. When you get your order in update us please because I would love to know if the site is worth ordering from.
princesni's Pink wedding
i also want to order online but like the ladies said am scared and i dont know how the quality will come out really... but please do let us know! tanks
's  wedding
Waterloo, ON, Canada
I ordered a bridesmaids dress from there for my sisters wedding and it was great but I recommend paying the extra for the custom sizing as the size wasa little off and it will save the girls from paying to get it altered :)
chelsea11's Red wedding
Calgary, AB, Canada
Thanks for commenting ladies, it means more then you will ever know!

I heard mixed reviews as well, but when I started reading reviews on individual dresses and they are all really good, and like I said, kittysvenglish posted about ordering from them and she liked them.

My dress is expected to ship on May 4th. So I will let you girls know how it turns out.

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