Aug 3, 2010

This past long weekend FH and my whole family went up to Camrose for the Big Valley Jamboree. For some reason my foot started to swell and go super red and finally when I couldnt walk on it at all FH said we had better get our butts over to the first aid tent. So after waiting for a while, they said that they had no idea why or how, but my foot is super infected and get on crutches and antiboitics asap. If it gets worse go to the hosptial. That was on Sunday.

Today is tuesday and the swelling went down, but the redness got crazy bad, it started to trace my veins and we figured that wasnt very good, so off to the ER I went. 4ish hours of waiting and getting more antiboitics via an IV they said I had a really bad infected and I have to go back to the hospital every 8-12 hours to get more antiboitics through the IV. I will be in and out of the infectious disease center all week this week to make sure its all good.

So back to why hes so amazing... I came home today and started cleaning a little bit cause our little (huge) dog made a mess. It was starting to hurt so when he got home from work he told me to go lay down and have a nap. That nap lasted about 2.5 hours and he woke me up with a biiiiig kiss and roses! I came downstairs to see the whole house cleaned (including our room! I was really out cause he was able to clean everything up while I was sleeping!) and there was a whole pile of movies out for me for the next few days! I love him so much! Its the little things like this that make me feel like Im the luckiest girl in the whole wide world!!!!!!
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ccranetobe's Orange wedding
Melbourne, Andorra la vella, Australia
aww you got spoilt!! I hope you get better soon!
tashasita's Purple wedding
Stoney creek, ON, Canada
That is sooo super sweet! What a great man! :)
michellelynn's Black wedding
Calgary, AB, Canada
AWE!! That is so cute!!  I hope your foot gets better quickly!
ladydamm's Pink wedding
Windsor, ON, Canada
aw. such a sweetie. i love it when they show us exactly why we chose them in the first place. :)

hope your foot gets better!

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