Jun 21, 2009

We keep being told that we need to register, but when we actually went to do it...we were kinda stumped as to what to put on it. What price range do we use? Richie and I already have a bunch of our own stuff 'cause we've been living together for a while now and we have our own house too.

So when we were looking at different objects to put on our registry, we were trying to figure out how much is too much? I've heard to put a range of prices, but what range did you use? I feel like $60 is too much, but then again I hate making people buy things for me...but I'll admit that I've got expensive taste. The only thing on our registry right now is a set of Paula Dean pots and pans...and it costs $100! I don't think anyone will get this for me as one person, but we were thinking that people might go in on it together. Am I wrong? When we've gone to weddings we've given $40 gifts...but we were college students too. Is there some sort of rule book or guide to registering? I don't want to seem like I'm money hungry and putting only expensive things on the registry, but we really don't need any more towels tyvm! (Since we hadn't registered, one of the ladies coming told my mother she was just going to buy us some towels since everyone could use more of them. We actually have so many towels that we don't have room for them all! Grrrr!)

So ladies, what sort of price range did you use for your registry? Is $100 too much?
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ecfdgirl's Blue wedding
Cheyenne, OK, USA
Did you think about maybe putting decor stuff on your registry.  I don't know how much is too much.  For me, I plan on putting a lot of differently priced items on ours, so that we can let people make their own decision.  I mean grilling tools and what not aren't that expensive.  I would say if you feel like $100 is almost too much, then try to keep it under $100 with alot of stuff but keep the pans on their a family member or two might want to get them for you.
cutsie1979's White wedding
Sudbury, ON, Canada
I felt the same way but my friends and family who've already been through this themselves pretty muched forced me to put stuff on it!  We chose lots of different price points for guests to choose from and basically we are "upgrading" our tableware, towels, etc. (because what we have now are basically hand me downs).  We have chosen some gifts that are under $50 and some that are between $50 and $80 and then some $100 and above.  You also have to think about how many/how big your showers are going to be and how many guests are coming to your wedding.  We registered for about $10,000 worth of goods, because I am having 3 seperate showers and we invited 170 guests to the wedding.  These people WANT to know what to buy you.  Don't forget, if they don't want to spend a lot of money on something from your registry, they can always give you cash.  I hope this helps!  Oh and P.S.  Feel free to check out our registry if you want.  We're at the Bay and Home Outfitters and my name is Kristina Couto!  Have fun!
chellie's Blue wedding
Dayton, OH, USA
I used to work gift registry at a local store, so this is right up my alley. ;-)

4 months out is about perfect. Too far ahead, and you risk running into discontinued items. Too close, you run into getting a lot of things you don't want... with no gift receipts.

When I was helping brides, I told them to register for whatever they want. I always told them to range from $5 to $300; and at least 5 things in each price range (except for over $100, less; and under $20, more).

I know that seems really high, but when you think about the fact that you'll have bridal showers, and your wedding, and that typically the lower priced items go in groups, you'll want to make sure you have every range covered. As for why the up to $300... you may have guests that will go in together to buy for you.

I'd also look for places that offer a completion program, like 10% off what's left on your registry. That typically lasts a year out.

Look for non-traditional places to register... travel agencies are doing more and more registering for honeymoons. Your guests can give you one night, or a spa day, or a special package at the local sights. Go to places like Target, or Home Depot (they do have a registry!!). Some places have gift cards to local restaurants and attractions.

Register for whatever you want... My FH and I have registered for everything from board games to movies to dinnerware to game systems. We know we won't get the PS 3, or the $400 grill that we asked for, but we may get enough gift cards (most places will let you register for those, also) to cover it with some help from our personal bank accounts.

The biggest thing is have fun! Don't let this stress you out. Your guests want to do something to help you all out. They know that you have a lot of things since you've already been living together, but they want to help you all have a good beginning to your lives together.
's  wedding
Orlando, FL, USA
Well first, know you are not "making" anyone buy things for you. You're giving your friends and family a guideline as to things that would make your new happily wedded bliss a little happier. c: The people who will buy you gifts are buying them because they want to give you something special, not because they feel obligated.

Registries are actually intended to make life easier on gift-buyers. It shows them your taste so they don't buy you something you'll stuff in a closet, and helps them not to buy something you already have. It's like Christmas lists you gave your parents when you were little: they want to know what to get you so they can rest knowing they got you a good gift!

As far as pricing, your best bet is to offer options. Go in ranges and offer a variety: so maybe someone won't splurge for a $100 china place setting, but that nice $30 coffee pot you've been wanting would be more in their price range. (Just giving examples.) Also consider who will be the most likely to buy gifts for you. Do you have mostly well-to-do friends and family, or are there a lot of struggling college students on your list? Try to find items accordingly.

And even if you have stuff, it never hurts to get something new. I would have loved to have registered for new linens or an actual china set (since all of our dinnerware is hand-me-down). Instead, we didn't register... and wound up with four bottles of booze from his family when neither one of us drinks.
slenderellav's Green wedding
Voorhees, NJ, USA
I kind of have the same problem. I know the financial situation that most of our family members are in, and I don't want people to feel obligated to over spend on a gift for us. But, I really just think of the registry as a wish list. I have a few big ticket items on there like a vacuum, knives, and a GPS; but I wont be up set if we dont get them. But awsome for us if we do! haha. And yes, often people will choose to put in on a bigger ticket item.
cherry268's Chocolate wedding
Hammond, LA, USA
Thanks ladies!  I feel better about it all after reading your comments...they really helped a bunch!  I guess we're going to go look around again and see if we can put more on it than our pots and pans!
futuremrshallberg's Black wedding
Titusville, FL, USA
i just put things we needed.
we desperatly need a new vaccum, so put that on there. I went for the "cheapest" best quality one I could find. I REALLY want a disson, but thats almost 600, so no way thats going on there! ha.

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