Jun 1, 2009

Looking for suggestions... does anyone know an affordable way to get large pots or vases with a tall plant or tree (I want total height to be about 4 feet) that I can use along the sides of the auditorium? The walls in my church are very white and plain along the sides and with how we're setting up the chairs there will be a fair amount of space there too.

What I wanted to do was rent large potted plants or trees but the prices I found were around $45/each! Since I will need either 6 or 8 of them that's pretty outrageous. I'd rather not have anything than spend that much.

So now I'm thinking of going to Ikea or Walmart for some large pots.. filling with soil.. and finding some large plants (either real or fake) to put in them.

Any ideas if there's a better option? Any places I should look for cheaper plants or pots? Even doing it this way I'm looking at 10-20 per pot plus 15-20 per plant.. I'd rather keep the cost around $100, max $150.
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Alexandria, VA, USA
If you find out hunnie let me know Cuz I was looking for trees like this to go outside by the red carpet enterance
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i was able to rent plants from a local nursery. you might want to check with some of the mom and pop nurseries in your area and see if they would allow this.
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We did this for my sis wedding. we went to the flower market and snagged some really cool palm trees at a good price, and her wedding was in Nov.  The pots can be covered with organza, just simply wrap the organza around the pot and with a medium to satin ribbon tie.  Keep the decoration to a minimum so they won't look cheap.  My mom kept the plants and is using them in the back porch.  Consider purchasing the trees if you have a home or a balcony.  The Fiance will see the cost as a benifit. :)

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