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Purple/Hot Pink/Gold

My color pallete and inspiration board. I think it totally captures the atmosphere and mood that I want to portrait. Totally love the rich and vibrance of these colors clashing. But I really can't find words to describe the theme, any thoughts?
chanelbride's White wedding
 |  Rancho cordova, CA, USA  |  12/27/2011  | 
Very festive and pretty.
justmeandhim's Purple wedding
 |  Glendale, AZ, USA  |  12/27/2011  | 
It's very moroccan
iammrsdubose's Pink wedding
 |  Memphis, TN, USA  |  12/27/2011  | 
love it
chinkbabe91's Purple wedding
 |  Mississauga, ON, Canada  |  12/27/2011  | 
I think it does have a hint of Arabian to it, as it's very rich in colors, but the main is purple, and gold is just to compliment.
pbwithoutthej's Pink wedding
 |  Rocky mount, NC, USA  |  12/28/2011  | 
reminds me of a night purple velvet sky (with more purple) or a sunset (with more red/pink/gold)
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