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goldenbrowneyes's Chocolate wedding
Chocolate and Cream with some Gold decor is in the works. Touch of feathers and sparkles.
lydiaswedding's Chocolate wedding
I will be marrying my best friend of 3 years. We are planning an autumn theme , romantic type of wedding of brown and orange. Guest List is about 170
cmvillalona69's Chocolate wedding
After 22 years of civil marriage my husband an I decided to validate our marriage by the Catholic Church. Since the date we choose for our marriage falls in the fall season, we are using the colors...

practicalprincess's Chocolate wedding
Our wedding was a super casual picnic wedding. Everything was DIY and super cost effective. My dress was from a thrift store and my groom wore Levi's and a red tie. I allowed my ladies to choose th...
his2013bride's Chocolate wedding
My wedding is going to be intimate & elegant...but also very kid friendly. The colors right now are chocolate, ivory and _________ the last color is tbd,,,I'm still undecided. I look forward to...
camallesbaby's Chocolate wedding
I am soooo Happy, my partner and I have been together for 15 1/2 years we will finally be having our Civil Union on 10/13/2012. Our colors are chocolate Brown and Brunt orange -Fall Wedding Theme. ...

jordanhicks2014's Chocolate wedding
My best friend and I will be having our dream wedding Feb. 2014. February is the month that we became a couple actually valentine's day. He is my everything and I cant wait to be his wife and for h...
blessedbride75's Chocolate wedding
I'm so excited that I am marrying my friend and lover. We have a really tight budget of $5,000 but we are so blessed that my FH works at a hotel that is providing us with the venue! My colors will ...
marcigraye's Chocolate wedding
My wedding will be chocolate brown and dark lilac. I am a totally DIY girl. I love to make things look luxurious for pennies! I am so anxious for this day and can't wait to become the future Mrs. A...

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thirty3thirty's Chocolate wedding
Our wedding colors are truffle (dark chocolate) and champagne; with a touch of Pink. I'm so excited about planning our wedding. I want our day to be filled with love and happiness. Simple yet Elega...
scheri's Chocolate wedding
I married the man of my dreams.
fallinlove's Chocolate wedding
The theme is Fall in Love, of The colors are chocolate brown, burnt orange with accents of purple and ivory. Music Playlist at
budgetqueenrhena's Chocolate wedding
With the help of my best friend RodRhonda4ever, she persuaded me to open this account! My Theme: Hint of a Moroccan Theme of bling! Colors: Merlot, gold orange and chocolate for 250-300 guests from...

jtherrie's Chocolate wedding
hand made and designed wedding items including parasols, water bottle labels, guest book templates and more to come I got my background at
nolanu's Chocolate wedding
It's going to be a Masquerade Ball! My theme is Fall Ball. OUR WEB PAGE:
jamieleigh12's Chocolate wedding
border="0"src=""/> We are inviting 170 guests. Our colors are: Brown/Bronze and champagne with hints o...
junieya's Chocolate wedding
This will be my 1st wedding but 2nd marriage.. So Brandon wants this day to be special and perfect for us both...

monikas's Chocolate wedding
Simple and nice,touched with special LOVE
jeffandcarissa's Chocolate wedding
I cant wait for the weddng! I am doing as much as i can and if i cant do it i am trying to have family or close friends help...I want my wedding to be as personal as possible....
kokoberry's Chocolate wedding
My wedding theme is "Golden Opulence" with a touch of bling. There will be lots of Bronze, Copper, Gold and Ivory decor with a little sparkle.
glitznglam0587's Chocolate wedding
Our wedding was beautiful..after years of planning everything came together and looked amazing .Now Happily married with a new doggy Lola.Happy Planning Ladies!!! Music Play...

jordanhicks2014's Chocolate wedding
My best friend and I will be having our dream wedding Feb. 2014. February is the month that we became a couple actually valentine's day. He is my everything and I cant wait to be his wife and for h...
futuremrsbutler's Chocolate wedding
My wedding colors are chocolate, lattee and a touch of gold. The wedding & reception is also in the same location so no traveling!!! ...
ashleydawn's Chocolate wedding
We are getting married in the lovely gardens at Nottawasga Resort, under a stunning gazebo and amazing fountain in the background. We are going for a very classy and chic look. Our main colour is B...
mrsbowe2be's Chocolate wedding
Simple, Clean, Chic is our approach to this wedding thing! 150 guests. Our colors are Platinum(silver), Mocha (chocolate brown), and white.

futuremrscosby's Chocolate wedding
Our Wedding Colors are Chocolate & Sky Blue. My FH wants to add light green to his to suit. Yes I freaked at first but I'm going to add light green ribbons to my
thart79's Chocolate wedding
I implore us all to live our childhood dreams- whatever they are - and overcome the obstacles life throws @ us. Time is all you have...and you may find one day that you have less than you think. Lo...
gemasa7's Chocolate wedding
It is going to be @ the beach in a beautiful beach house...will be like a destination wedding.

peachybride09's Chocolate wedding
I'm so excited about our wedding! It's July 5th so prior to the wedding we have the whole weekend to really get to enjoy family & friends. We will have a outdoor garden wedding and ballroom rec...
mochabrown's Chocolate wedding
Our wedding colors are pink and chocolate with damask
actadych's Chocolate wedding
Our wedding was... and I quote "The best wedding we've ever been to!" ..."The most fun I've ever had at a wedding in a LONG time!! More people should have weddings like this!" Our wedding was lai...

msvalencia's Chocolate wedding
I love my hubby, and I can not wait to marry him. Wedding Colors: Champagne, Ivory, & chocolate Accent colors:Cream&Gold Our Wedding Website Check it out!
soon2bepayton's Chocolate wedding
We are having an outdoor ceremony and indoor reception. Our colors are chocolate brown, ivory, and blue. I don't really have a theme, I just want it to be simple and elegant.
cherry268's Chocolate wedding
Our wedding is mostly brown and green, but with champagne, ivory, and silver accents thrown in. Oh, we also added in red roses for our flowers, so I guess a little red is in there too!

kcforever3's Chocolate wedding
I can't wait for our wedding! We're having it downtown in an old antique church! We're really excited! the main color is brown and my flowers are going to be gerber daisies and peonies in light pin...
sprattbride's Chocolate wedding
I am having a chocolate brown, champagne wedding with small soft pink accents! I am trying to create a romantically classic atmosphere through decorations, personalization, and looooots of candles!...
jfelty08's Chocolate wedding
charlie813's Chocolate wedding
It's done! And we loved it!!

shana831's Chocolate wedding
My wedding is taking over a year to plan! Eric and I have been engaged since November 24, 2007. The colors of my wedding was originally clover green - but I recently decided to change the color to ...
megbrifallwedding's Chocolate wedding
We will be celebrating our 6 year anniversary on our wedding day! We want it to be casual and fun for all of our guests - especially for those who will be travelling far for our special day.
momachas05's Chocolate wedding
I have decided to do a vintage inspired wedding with modern twists here and there.
lydiaswedding's Chocolate wedding
I will be marrying my best friend of 3 years. We are planning an autumn theme , romantic type of wedding of brown and orange. Guest List is about 170

venus74's Chocolate wedding
Chocolate, Pink and swarvoski
mrsmarshall's Chocolate wedding
My wedding theme is "Chocolate Covered Strawberries", both my fiance' and myself love chocolate and strawberries with a hint of Miami by using Turquoise as my accet color!!!
almostsparks's Chocolate wedding
western and rustic!!

glitznglambride's Chocolate wedding
Our colors are Chocolate & white with silver & coral as accent colors. We're going for a Modern Glitz & Glam look. This is our Vow Renewal Wedding :) I got my background at Zing...
gbtesq's Chocolate wedding
Hello! My wedding colors were Chocolate Brown and Ivory with a splash of Persimmon (or orange)!
bobbieg's Chocolate wedding
We want unusual, offbeat, FUN -- less traditional wedding and more big party --so we've decided to have a Fall Fair - think pumpkins, cornstalks, hay bails, food stations, harvest tables, crafty de...

mrsbernard0509's Chocolate wedding
A Monogrammed Affair... We want simple, classic, and elegance with our monogram surrounding us.
kmiller1's Chocolate wedding
reidxrichards's Chocolate wedding
A celebration of love, happiness, laughter, friends and life. Everything is first about Enjoyment, We want people to be happy and comfortable and we want them to never want to leave!! A par...

ikaufman08's Chocolate wedding
Going for an elegant non traditional wedding. Color Ivory and Brown, with fall color flowers, and i hint of light/apple green...
soon2bmrsc's Chocolate wedding
God has led two lives to take one path - I am looking forward to the happiest day of my life!
bradsgirl2011's Chocolate wedding
I've been in love with this man since the day we started dating and to me and him it seems like we are already married because we have been together for going on 6 yrs this is just making it offici...

andrealeah's Chocolate wedding
Old fashioned glam, coupled with a country rustic setting is the way this wedding is gonna We are incorporating the warm, natural colours, foilage of the season, with a touch of class a...
cmvillalona69's Chocolate wedding
After 22 years of civil marriage my husband an I decided to validate our marriage by the Catholic Church. Since the date we choose for our marriage falls in the fall season, we are using the colors...
princessbride2b's Chocolate wedding
My wedding is a fairy tale dream come true. Theme" they live happily ever after"

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crazychyc's Chocolate wedding
I am having a blue and brown wedding. We are on a pretty tight budget, but we are doing a lot of things ourselves and making the most with the money we have!
sweebies's Chocolate wedding
I am planning a fall wedding! My colors are Chocolate brown, yellow/ gold, and red. I just want it to be a big celebration and for everyone to have fun!
soon2bmrst's Chocolate wedding
Our wedding theme is "Afrocenclassy". Meaning that it incorporates a lot of afro-centric/ Caribbean elements with a classy touch. Our colors are Champaign, Chocolate, and Ivory. Wed...

anewbeginning's Chocolate wedding
Our wedding will be small, intimate, and romantic. Our colors are Chocolate brown and Champagne.

mssparky101511's Chocolate wedding
wintersdawn's Chocolate wedding
we are basing our theme off the lady and the tramp spaghetti scene because as a child that was my all time favorite movie and we met at a restraunt
falnluv08's Chocolate wedding
Our wedding was wonderful, blissful and all that I had imagined-I'm just sorry it went by soo fast!
mrsm2b2010's Chocolate wedding
Chocolate brown, ivory and deep red.... our country wedding will be romantic and have vineyard undertones.

2bmrspotts's Chocolate wedding
Im so excited about our wedding. The day is fastly approaching and there is so much left to do.
mrsminor2be's Chocolate wedding
My colors are turquoise and chocolate
mimisotru2u's Chocolate wedding
Contemporary Fun
owenisawesome's Chocolate wedding
Great day! So much color and warmth with only very close friends and family all around

janet903's Chocolate wedding
Flowers by Doris @ Simply Sweet Floral Design.
happyfiance09's Chocolate wedding
Loving the planning! Just cant wait to be married already though!!!!!!

talleywife's Chocolate wedding
I am enjoying my engagement and my fiance` My girls are so good at helping me decide somethings and I look forward to marrying this dude I met on the internet!!:)
scook5's Chocolate wedding
lilelf2's Chocolate wedding
After many changes to my wedding decor, I'm finally set on a Autumn theme. I just hope it turns out as beautiful as it looks in my head. *Crossing Fingers". We are doing lots of DIY and can't wait ...
2bmrsnoll's Chocolate wedding
A wonderful fall wonderland wedding!

sarab123's Chocolate wedding
I am marrying my high school sweetheart of seven years (seven and a half on our wedding) and could not be happier! Our wedding will be very laid back and rustic/wood-sey! Lots of brown and white ...
ardnael's Chocolate wedding
I thought it would be neat if we could get married through text but I dont think that would be legal. We are getting married at my home area. It will either be ???, ??? or ??. I have decided to use...
mrswilkins5152010's Chocolate wedding
Well i have a Tiffany/ chocolate delight wedding theme with the colors being chocolate, aqua(Tiffany blue), ivory, gold ascents. The flowers will be roses and calla lilies, there will be chocolate/...
corysbride's Chocolate wedding
My wedding is goin to be romantic fun and semi formal..... my wedding colors are chocolate, teal (turquoise), Ivory, and accents of orange. Yay!!... I'm marrying the man that makes my heart smil...

soon2bemrsdreher's Chocolate wedding
We're going for simple and elegant--nothing too fancy or over the top...