Oct 30, 2011

Hi beautiful ladies.

From the time i was about 16yrs old i've had acne on my back. I cant say I have tried everything out there because growing up I was told my back would clear as I grow older it was just a "phase". Tried a few things here and there but yah I've never really succeeded.

A few months ago it seemed my back had cleared, I mean the spots were still visible but not as it was before. I'm older now but my back has not cleared up.

Im planning on wearing strapless dresses for my wedding and this acne bacne business is giving me low self esteem and I'm slowly losing my confidence. I was at a friends wedding yesterday and I wore a nice summer dress (its summer over here) and I was confident and didn't mind, but a few friends asked me about my back and suggested a few remedies.

I need help!!! have any of you had to battle with back acne like I have? what advise can you give me? I've googled it quite alright but this platform gives a realness to situations.

Waiting and counting on yall....
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the1forhim's Chocolate wedding
Fort lauderdale, FL, USA
I  know exactly how you feel. I too suffer with back acne and I have the skin discoloration (dark spots) to prove it. I was looking in the mirror on last night and felt embarrased about it as well. I want to wear a strapless gown for my wedding as well. I have been told that I can put make-up on my back to hide the spots, but I do not want that to ruin my dress!!!! I am going to try a skin care line that is called Heritage by Dr. Angelo Thrower, he is a well known african american dermatologist here in Miami, FL. The website is: heritageskincare.com. I am going to try the Treatment Line Bundle Kit
for $51.00.


• Skin Lightening Moisturizer
• Quick Drying Acne Treatment
• On The Spot Fade Treatment

I have heard nothing but rave reviews from users of his products. I should have tried it years ago. I hope this helps.
christy1's Purple wedding
@the1forhim thanks sweety really appreciate it :) im not in the states but i can order for the items to be sent to me so its all good :) im checking out the site ASAP :) let me know how it works for you as i wait to purchase my package.

corysbride's Chocolate wedding
Chicago, IL, USA
Hi there,

I have not suffered from back acne, but I have gotten a few pimples that left dark marks on my face and my chest. what  I use and found to be quite helpful is Bio Oil. I have been using it for about two years now and it works great, and I am currently using it on face to get ready for my wedding day. I have two spot on my cheeks.

When use how the magnufacture recommends it works great. And that would be twice a day. By applying a small dab to my spot.

I use it anywhere I have a spot or discoloration.

I love it so much I bought a few off eBay because I found bigger bottles for less. Pretty sure if you have Walmart  you can find it there too .

Hope this also helps

Happy planning
christy1's Purple wedding
@Corysbride thanks hunnie yes we have Walmart here i'll definitely be on the look out. thanks hunnie and happy planning to you too :) xox

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