Feb 23, 2009

My only concern is that it is too pretty lol! My wedding is going
to be at the reception site in an adjacent room and lets just say
while the inside of the building is pretty, the outside is no looker!.

They sound soo beautiful!!

also I'm not what part each should be in

Prelude or Processional:

If too pretty, I will use 2 as the Prelude and 1 as the Processional

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Here are some more preludes i like:

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During the prelude, do they just loop one song or is it more than one, b/c i read it last at least 15 min
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's  wedding
Saint john's, NL, Canada

I loooooooove Celtic Woman.  I thought I was the only person in the world who would have Celtic Woman ceremony music.

I'm using "Jesu, Joy" as the processional for my BMs and I.  I have always loved this song, and will probably use their version.  Chloe does a wonderful version of this.  

Our recessional will be "The Butterfly".  As much as I love the saucy Mairead, we will probably do a flute rendition of this, as that ties in with our theme better.  We plan on buying the "Celtic Woman songbook".  


To specifically answer your questions, no, I don't think it is "too pretty" to use.  What better to use for a holy ceremony (even if you're not in a church) than the most angelic music you can find?  

I don't think they are inappropriate in the least.  I think they're flexible enough to be used as anything you wish.  You could use a song for when you all sign the registry, one for the processional, and the others that you like for prelude music, or even dinner music.

I personally would choose to have a few songs for the prelude.
kaylag's Red wedding
Belmont, NH, USA
i love ave maria! check out beyonce's version of it. it's beautiful :)

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