Black Wedding Reception Ordered My Photo Guest Book

Wedding Reception
Ordered My Photo Guest Book

I ordered this off Etsy.com 50$ (including shipping)

The ribbon is going to be more of a darker burgundy

I actually went to alchemy section to post a custom order, I got 4 bids, one guy would do it 40$, but he didn't have any pictures of his work so I went w/the lady who would do it for 45$.

I asked for unlined paper, so the guests can write more than just thier name if they want

and i'm also going to buy card stock to put on some of the pages (so the guests won't write on them) so later I can insert pictures taken of my guests at the wedding

I can't wait for it to come in !

Does anyone know how to maybe get cellophane or plastic material instead to maybe create slots for photos (and have protective covering)

-that may be harder to do though...
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Our menus- for Europe Reception from Rhonda @ Partyshakers.com
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THESE! THANK YOU RHONDA!!!!! These are the menus that we will used for our ...
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