Oct 11, 2009

Fashionable ugg colours change just about every year, this year was no exception. What colours are wearing this year? Which colour and style is the hottest selling? Which colour is the best for durability?

Wear analysed search trends, celeb blogs, our own sales data and visitor trends. This year there is a very clear favourite.

If you only buy 1, buy Chestnut

Not only is UGG Short Chestnut the most durable of all colours it is easily the most searched, purchased and prized by celebrities. Although traditionally cute, lighter colour ugg boots do occasionally stain. Of the dark colours, chestnut is the most resilient when it comes to hiding blemishes.

In the early years Sand was extremely popular but millions have since shifted to chestnut which holds that ‘just new’ look longer. Liv Tyler, Miley Cyrus and Kate Hudson have all appeared in Tall Chestnut ugg boots in the last few months! This is a great indicator of what will remain hot this coming winter.

Chocolate Ugg Boots

Last season UGG Classic Mini Chocolate were by far the most popular color. The rich chocolate dyes compliment sheepskin leather uggs really well, giving a very natural earthy appearance. For this reason Chocolate color uggs have become popular once more, I expect they will be very fashionable for quite some time to come.

Black Ugg Boots

A distant but still clearly popular third, black coloured UGG Classic Tall Boots are the sensible choice. A functional and smart buy, if your seeking something that doesn't really look like an ugg boot but don't want to compromise on comfort.

Sand Ugg Boots

For the traditionalist out there sand ugg boots are great. A natural warm and leathery appearance, sand colour uggs are always in the wardrobe of classic ugg boot aficionados. Unlike the others high in this list, sand UGG Classic Short Boots are virtually fade free.

Pink Ugg Boots

Long classic tall Pink uggs rise to fame has been celebrity inspired, this season countless celeb snaps featured pink UGG Lo Pro Button, the orders (and backorders) soon followed.

Whichever tickles your fancy! If you wish to read more information prior to purchasing, you may wish to read our article on The real Fake Uggs.

Do Ugg Boots Fade

We utilize very high grade dyes (which is why your boots may smell a little for the first 24 hours) but the colour generally holds very well. Darker colours such as Violet and black ugg boots will fade to a small degree. Individual usage will impact how much your uggs fade. If you wish to maintain the rich colours of your new black ugg boots, try to avoid any dampness.

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